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GaiAma - We are wildlife

2 dollars for air to breathe?

You surely want to know if we want 2 dollars for air to be mandatory soon or else we’ll shut down the atmosphere?
Well, we can calm you - none of that is the case!
Because we love voluntary actions from the heart.
With your 2 dollars, we buy up to 20 square meters of endangered rainforest in the Amazon and protect it from slash & burn and illegal loggers.
Each tree pumps delicious oxygen into the atmosphere for everyone to breathe.

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Why is the rainforest burning?

In the rainforest there is mainly one thing: SPACE!
Not only do settler want their piece of cake from the global economy through agricultural land, but also oil and gas companies, timber companies, people who sell exotic animals, cocaine labs and agricultural companies rather see the rainforest cut down than lush.
Every day we see hundreds of jungle hectares in fire red clouds of smoke. It smells like burning parrot babies in tree stumps, the animals flee. On the edge of the fires, the air is full of raining ashes and impenetrable densely packed with insects that have lost their habitat during the fire.
The next day, corn is sown on the area. After a few weeks, the first time farmers walk with spray bags in the field, because all the displaced insects are hungry. And even after months, the corn is protected with poison from rodents from the forest.
The rains flush the poison into all streams and rivers that do not bear drinkable water anymore since decades, whose fish are contaminated by mercury from the gold mines.

We had the privilege to travel the world (by bike) and when we understood one thing, it is that there is almost no place that was not already disgraced by us humans.
And we intend to help preserve what’s left!
Here you can see how we tackle this!

Why is this important?

If the last of the original rainforest areas are lost, we have destroyed the places with the highest biodiversity in the world to our shame.
If old houses get historical protection, 1000 year old trees should be just as protected. EACH DAY scientists find a new butterfly here.. no joke! And the plastic eating fungi? yeah.. from the Amazon, too. Do we need to say more?

We go for sustainable solutions! We live permanently on site. Our base stations with edible forest concepts will create alternative sources of income for local residents and will contribute significantly to the fact that less forest will die.

Human beings can do more! We can become sustainable and learn how to live in harmony with a functioning ecosystem without ripping it down again after the popular reforestation. Reforestation is great and at the same time it must never be an excuse to clear further rainforest. A reforested area takes at least 700 years to begin to resemble the rainforest it was before. We need to focus on preserving the last rainforests of the earth NOW!

About GaiAma

GaiAma is a small, privately founded organization in Perú by two Berlin guys, Can and Daniel.
After a trip around the world by bicycle, the two fell in love with South America in 2014/2015 and since then fought to keep the home of the Jaguar, Tapir and Macaw safe.

What have we achieved so far?

With GaiAma, we are currently protecting 70 hectares of rainforest, physically securing the borders on the control routes with other jungle addicted people and dig through bureaucracy and the paperwork that comes with having a conservation organisation. Through your donations we have a unique opportunity - With lawyers and the local government we are talking about the creation of a new nature reserve.
We also just released our first GaiAma Merch you can purchase and feel not only good looking on the outside, but on the inside, too, by actively helping the Amazon with every product you buy.
This is where you can get your GaiAma clothing: Go to GaiAma Shop

So now you know what's up with the 2 dollars, right?

If a lot of people donate 2 dollars per month to a small organization in Perú from all over the world, then we have really proven it … Yes, people can be good too! People can rock this nature conservation thing. You from over there and we here in the rainforest. Together we can do anything!

Help us to help the world.
Thank you for your support!

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