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GaiAma - We are wildlife

How to live in a forest – without chopping it down again?

Two guys from Berlin fall in love with the Jungle of Perú. We founded the GaiAma conservation organization to protect wildlife in Perú and to create an example of a permaculture base station, living symbiotically with the forest - because reforestation is just the beginning. How can human beings manage to sustain the natural or recreated green areas of the planet, when we don't change our behavior and relationship with the forest? How can humans live a happy and healthy life within a functioning ecosystem? That's where we are doing our research and we love it. On this website you can read more about who we are, our blog about our round the world trip with bikes, articles about our natural life and you can find out how we protect the jungle for a bright future.

This is how we do it

Protecting the Jungle

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Sadly it's not effective to simply buy rainforest and then tell people not to enter. Our protection plan is different, because we are first integrating ourselves in the forest life, so it sustains us and we are sustaining the soil and the wildlife through permaculture and forest garden techniques. While being on the land and actually living at that place, we are showing permanent presence and THIS is effective protection. We are there to walk the jungle ways, to know, when people try to enter for logging or hunting or clearing for monoculture fields and eventually prevent it completely. Our system is based on various groups guarding the different water streams, which are entry points for invaders. At the same time we create a beautiful role model to inspire more people to live with the jungle to build living areas instead of cutting it down.


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In our relationships as friends & neighbors and all our actions we are implementing the knowledge of non-violent communication and a good bunch of just general kindness as good as we can to give our neighborhood a solid base of trust and sympathy. Our neighbors beyond our area are partially local peruvians from the Andes mountains or native Amazon tribes with whom we are working together for the protection of their world and from whom we learn a lot about the jungle. Especially in those fields it is very helpful to communicate in the most cautious way possible. For us personally, a mindful and harmonious existence also means to avoid unnecessary animal suffering. We ourselves are living and thriving from vegetables and fruits, seeds, nuts, soft tender greens, roots, herbs, even more yummy fruits and fresh water.


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Planned fruit and vegetable gardens are „edible forests“ with all seven layers that you find in nature. From tubers, to ground covering plants, small bushes, vines, small trees and big trees we use the dance of them to create lush and well producing gardens under the canopy of the giant jungle trees which will spend some delicious shadow. Self-sufficient permaculture gardening is the heartbeat of our project. Learn more about Permaculture -> in our Blog Articles


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Where we live, not one single drop of chemicals or artificial soaps will enter the soil or water. All of us did enough research before we came here into the wild and we know well how to clean and wash in the manner of natural hygiene so we are creating one of the most important requirements to integrate the modern human being into a wild ecosystem. We are living and building with 100% natural and fast growing materials from the area itself and we use noiseless human powered tools, to harvest resources like bamboo, small tree trunks and palm leaves, to build our houses. Read more about Natural cleaning in our famous hygiene Blog articles.

How you can support us

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What's a forest?

Where do we humans belong, what is our purpose on planet Earth?
While everything around us seems to melt into cycles of life, we seem to fall out of the equation and even bother the balance. We are afraid or disgusted by nature and dirt and are currently a part of the earth that is eating up and degenerating. But still, we do have all the requirements to be a constructive part of the whole ecosystem. We love sweet fruits and we have talented hands to pick them. Trees love us and other animals so much, that they embedded their seeds into yummy fruit pulp, so we would spread their offspring. In the end it is always about trees and their survival. And to ensure that, we do have everything it needs. We have an intellect, to plan where to put the seeds and we also have a digestion system that is generating natures fertilizer. On our own surface, there is microbes living for us on us. And just like that we are living on planet Earth to benefit her. One tree is not a forest. No mushroom, jaguar or frog is a forest. All and a lot of them are. We are.
We are wildlife.
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