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GaiAma - We are wildlife

GaiAma at a glance

Short term goals:

  • 🌴
    Buying the endangered plots and create a nature reserve, that will fill the gap between a national park and the reserve of indigenous people, reconnecting the path of wild animals and protecting thousands of water fountains and re-green the deforested areas.
  • 🍍
    Building sustainable food forest systems around the base stations.

Long term goals:

  • 🔨
    Create housing from 100% natural material and offer workshops and volunteering free for locals.
  • 🦜
    One wildlife shelter to re-wild wounded or illegally captured forest animals
  • 🐾
    one separate animal shelter for homeless and sick pets of the nearby town.
  • 🏳️‍🌈
    A place to feel save for abandoned LGBTQI+ youth & educational activism.
  • 🍃
    General education workshops about cruelty free farming and nutrition.
  • Work with our indigenous friends for their goals and wellbeing.
  • 💻
    Creating an online open source library with educational videos about a sustainable life and much more to come.

Daniel Leonardo

President of the Organisation GaiAma
Social Media & Design

Can (he/him)

Representative of GaiAma
Coding & Development, Project Manager

Heike (she/her)

Member of GaiAma
Handicraft & Dancing Classes

Kemane (he/him)

Member of GaiAma
Digital Art & Illustration

Chantal (she/her) & André (he/him)

Members of GaiAma
SEO, Marketing & Eventmanagement

Robin (he/him)

Emotional healing and demanding food
Eater, sleeper and appreciator

José (he/him) & Efraín (he/him)


GaiAma's Friends

Our fantastic partners regularly donate a few percent (usually at least 1%) of their income and thus raise the happiness of their environmentally conscious customers.

As a partner you can use GaiAma’s content to show your customers that you are committed to help our planet. Green partner projects are more important than ever for businesses of all kinds these days.

Eva The Band

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Asociación GaiAma

Founded 2017 in Perú

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