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GaiAma - We are wildlife

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed

Ernest Hemingway
An expedition through our article jungle will lead you into our world, what is important to us and what we find interesting.
Have fun with our blog articles about natural living, food, philosophy and our round the world trip with bikes.
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How to save the planet - with GaiAma in Perú

Climate experts say we have little time to take action. This is how we can still save the world, and how YOU can help us and step into your power to make a change

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Walking through the forest of mind - GaiAma Newsfeed

This section is collecting all my thoughts, I am posting on our social media platforms and that flow out my fingers. Like a typical newsfeed, you will find the latest and recently written posts on top and can scroll down to find older ones. Enjoy the walk <3

Rainforest dust on my skin

We would love to invite you to nourish your eyes with three wondrous photos and some heart-felt lines about walking and understanding in the rainforest

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