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A letter from the amazon jungle to the forests of the world

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Don’t give up A letter from the Amazon jungle to the forests of this world.

Dear forest, don’t give up. I know it hurts. Every tree that is cut, with all the ceatures living in it, is ripping you apart. People are now looking in your direction. Let the wind that makes your leaves dance tell the legend of forest life. Remember it well:

Just as a deer flees from people, people flee from the forest. All they know is that nature kills you. All animal and nature documentaries on television have said it. Everything is eating, stinging or poisoning people. It is better to not have too much nature around. That money, cars, chemicals and burnout eat, sting and poison a human, too, just seems to be a bit more accapteable. Many people are born and raised in this environment and still dream of living in nature. But often not in a forest. A forest should be a little further away, you go for a walk there , but this is not the place to live, because you see so little, there’s so many treees.. Creepy! The legend of the forest life tells of people who create small glades under the high treetops of the forest giants and grow their food there in the style of a forest garden.

As many plant varieties as possible, combined in all seven stages of a forest. From roots, ground cover, herbs, shrubs and vines to small and large trees. Edible forests, mixed with the trees that contribute to the balance of the forest even without fruits for humans. Small jungle ways through the forest that connects the individual edible forest gardens… Don’t give up dear forest, even though it seems that people do not want a forest to live, there are some who do. Here in South America countless football fields of wildlife area are taken from me every day and my earthy flesh is visible. If someone is reforesting me, I tell them the legend of the forest life, so that humans don’t tear everything down with their butt, what they just greened, because in principle humans didn’t learned what it means to live in harmony with nature. Let people imagine, the planet would still be covered with us forests. How would they live their modern life with us? Would they have to cut us down all over again or would they manage to find a way to live with us?

Do not give up dear forest, I already feel a few people crawling around in me, who ask these question. They question whether me and my animals are more dangerous than cars and chemicals. They also wonder how I can benefit them and they can benefit me on a daily basis. Let’s cross our green fingers!

Hi there, the human writer of this letter.

My family, my friends, and many more people around the world working in rainforest conservation are challenged to learn how to create a life in harmony with nature. Because often it seems to be clear to most people. “First you gotta burn down a hectare, then put mono-culture corn on it. And because all the jungle bugs want to eat it, you better bring a bag of pesticide with you. Then you can then sell the corn, and buy popcorn from the money in the next, civilized place. Jackpot!

Of course, this is exaggerated. Above all, it’s not about popcorn, but mostly about being able to send the child to school. This often means that an apartment near the school must be paid and everything that then is needed to be payed for a city life style.

So daddy is working hatd all day on the field and sends every penny he makes when city people buy his product, to the city to mother and child, there they use that money, to buy food again.

Effective forest conservation for us is to create real alternatives to this somehow amazingly questionable cycle of life - farmer feeding people in towns. There, people are being trained to keep this city alive with all their jobs.

Why? For what? Is it so many people who really do not enjoy pulling a carrot out of the ground before they prepare it?

A farmer works only so hard, because he grows food not only for himself and his family, but for countless people more. Always keep that in mind.

When people think about rural life or life in nature, it is often not about self-sufficiency. “Gardening is hard, being a farmer is exhausting.“ But is that so?

It is important to look at two things.

  1. The permaculture, with which it is possible, with good planning, to create self-sustaining edible forest gardens that often produce surplus and the garden designer, by the previously well-designed systems, has surprisingly much free time for other areas of life outside the food production.
  2. The general way of life and the longing for urban areas, as well as the fear of nature and the weighing of security in an industrialized world.

Often people automatically associate a natural life with “uncivilized behavior and danger”. This may happen quickly, because „back then“ there was still a lot of nature around. And „back then“, people lived barbaric and dirty. But since correlation is not the same as causality, we can re-consider how, as modern humans, we can still live in nature. Because nature will not automatically turn us into filthy barbarians. That’s not how it works. We decide for ourselves and of course we take all our knowledge, our ethical principles, the knowledge of the people before us, into the natural life models.

Technical challenges bring us to the limits of creating examples. People just love driving a car. People love to do research, we all love the internet. What if most people are in their forest garden in the self-woven hammock and everything is just great. What then? How can we stay connected and celebrate being human. Sure, you could and should create alternative educational institutions, especially through the Internet. There are magnificent visions of free schools, courses instead of lessons, workshop feeling instead of exams, supporting talent, workshops, fun to learn - actually for all people whether child or adult. But wait a minute. Who then goes to work in the mine to get the metal out of the earth that is needed to create my computer?

With our forest gardens we are only one part of the planned solution, especially in the area of ​​“living in harmony with nature”, which almost everybody wants again. How humanity as a collective will deal with the issues of green energy, ever more holistic medicine, the urge to research and even political issues in all its forms, well we are curious ourselves and hope for “Legends of Green Technologies“

Here in the Amazon of Perú, we create forest gardens and research in the field of “modern man meets forest and nature”. We want to show examples of alternatives and inspire locals, as well as worldwide “viewers”.

As rainforest protection activists, it also affects us when forests are supposed to be cut down all around he world. We hope for green solutions and think about those who commit their time to saving forests.

If you would like to help us with our projects, you are invited to support our project to protect a 300 hectare threatened jungle area. With one dollar you have protected around 10 m2 of rainforest. We put each name of our contributors online and in the papers.

Please visit our page donate.GaiAma.org or visit us on our picture-rich social media platforms facebook.com/gaiama.org and instagram.com/gaiama_org

We send greetings from Perú to all nature lovers and look forward to the cooperation with many great projects. Special thanks go to Florian from Niemandsland e.V. in Düsseldorf for the loving cooperation and inspiration.

♡ from heart to to heart ♡

With humility and respect, we think of all those who have given their lives for the forest

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