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A true story..

How to get rid of the mask and discover yourself.

After I spoke about the sense of underwear I want to tell you about my decision not to wear jewelry, as well.
I also had a lot of jewelry once.. always trying to find the set that looks like I was born with it ^^

I loved to wear an earring just on the one side, where my hair was short and I even had a piercing on my lips.

You also might have heart about meridians, the energy flow inside and outside our bodies. Holes in your body and also jewelry that is not easy to take of, is supposed to influence the meridians in a harmful way. That would suck..I thought.. I mean, so many wild tribes have tattoos and plates in their lips..
But does that mean that it is good? Some of the wild tribes even eat each other O.o
Maybe because of the disturbed energy flow^^

This was my last jewelry on our journey. When I realized that I already knew the lobe of the ear is energetically bonded with the HEART, I left the earring behind. Another step to freedom.

You know what? In fact I can’t tell you anything about this.. I did not make a scientifically proven study and don’t have a masters degree in chinese medicine. But I want to tell you my personal experience about jewelry:

After half a year of raw food and some natural appearing detoxifications, my tinnitus in both ears went crazy. I heard a beeping, whirring, growling, and even voices..
Totally overwhlemed by all my senses, I got rid of all my clothes, tried to meditate but couln’t. I just felt, that I am not myself, not free.. I opened my eyes.. stared into the big mirror in front of me and there it was..

My piercing! Quickly I grabbed the ring, removed the little pellet and.. one, two, three.. Instantly I got afraid, the little whole would accure and I rashly tried to put the piercing back again. The pellet fell down, in between the wooden floor boards and I understood.
Okay, dear life. From now on, no harming for my energy flow. Thank you.

One more year until I met Can. He told me from the beginning, that he liked me so much better without an earring or other jewelery. Finally I was also able to see what he saw. Without jewelery my eyes have been the jewels. And there was no label.. just me.

Do you feel unsafe without jewelry? Or at least more beautiful WITH it? Train to feel save without. Look into the mirror, notice, what is shining by itself. Notice, that jewelry is absolutely distracting from YOU! Cultivate your true self. It is totally worth it in so many ways ♡

Same with make up!

I used it since I was 13 or so. Dyed my hair in all available colors and had all those uncomfortable “sexy” clothes. Of cause I thought thats cause I define myself. Today I know that I just forgot who I am and pleased the advertisement machinery that made me feel “wrong”.

Cause I had a normal diet, my skin was irritated and all the make up didn’t make it better. All the old photos you see here from me have been edited by me at this time, my skin was not half as good as it looks there ;)

With changing my diet I suddenly was able to leave away the creamy make up and used a natural mineral powder, that I just applied to red parts. After some weeks, my eyes and the skin around them changed so much, that I felt I can go outside without the eye make-up. My eyes naturally became “bigger”.. I was quite shocked, when I dicscovered my true appearance and how I could have been looking for years, if I had a better diet…

So if you want to get rid of your make up I have some tips for you.

  1. Change your diet to vegetarian or vegan raw-food! Or at least just eat better…leave away the crappy food. And drink a lot of water! That will clean the cells and let your skin get healthy.
  2. Get the natural mineral powder for the transition. So you stop clog the pores and stop feeding the skin harmfull chemicals. You can order that here (Sorry, the website is only in german, but they ship internationally). The mineral powder is for the transition. Leave it away as soon as you feel comfortable.
  3. In general don’t put something on your skin or hair that you cannot eat! Cause your skin DOES absorb it! Understand that deeply.
  4. Inform yourself about alternatives to common shampoo and more. The internet world is loaded with information for you,if you just begin to take a look :)
  5. Enjoy all the compliments about your appearance ;)

From now on everything will get better and better. Appreciate it, when your skin detoxes from time to time.. It might happen in the beginning. Be thankful for your bodies programms to clean you.

4 Steps to celebrate your body without jewelery

  1. Think about nature and how it meant you to be.
    Notice all the beauty of your bare body.. The shapes, the textures the forms..
  2. Realize how jewelry is just added to you.. It might be beautiful itself and can be seen as beautiful but that doesn’t say anything about you!
    It does not make YOU more beautiful.
  3. Think about how life gets more easier without jewelry. Some examples: You can jump in bed, lean on a shoulder, hug people and dance wildly without a hard thing destroying the flow. You save time and money you would waste in buying and putting on and off jewelry. And so much more.. What’s your ideas?
  4. Put off all the jewelry when you would normally wear it and notice how much lighter you are..now enjoy freedom and the upcoming self confidence ♡

My own last step was getting back my natural hair color and let my hair grow!

Just think about all the money you save… No cremes, mascaras, no jewelry and hair dyes.. Not to mention the toxicity..
If the female energy wants to be creative, there are lot’s of natural and beautiful ways like this.

I know that people cling to jewelry for many reasons. As mascots, memory, or just for the familiar feeling on this part of the body. You can do what you want of cause..
I feel a bit sorry, saying all this, for all those lovely souls that wear jewelry to express themselves or artists who craft jewelry.

Yes, No, Maybe..

So why do I talk so bad about jewelry and make-up?
I don’t have a problem with decorating at all!
It is a beautiful artwork to web a belt or to make a neckless out of shells. I think the challenge is to only put wholes in your body if you are aware of what you are exactly doing and how this will affect your life… Who of us can really say that, when we get our first earring at the age of six in the shopping mall? My concern is about a conscious acting in the case of yourself.
But a cheer for the art, that is visually pleasing us.

Be aware of this: You are not expressing yourself with jewelry and make-up.. you are showing and wearing jewelry and a mask..nothing more (this might also be nice, if you are consciously choosing to show a mask and play). But if you really want to express YOURSELF, then you would not wear jewelry and make-up. You have so much beauty.. this is how nature, say god if you want, made you. A shining star. Shine for yourself. I know I go against so many cultures but who says just because it’s ancient, it would be right ? ;)
Since I understood this, for me all the jewelry and make-up appears like clapsing on a floating tire, although you could swim naturally free and wild through the ocean.

Jump into the water! Feel the freedom to be fine without distraction from yourself. YOU are the jewel, YOU are so beautiful!

The most and sweetest compliments of my life, I got since I am free of jewelry and make up. And you can do this, too!
Give it a try, maybe just for a testing time if you are not sure about this.

Dear sisters and brothers, please don’t be shy. Write me an email or leave a comment. Ask me anything about this topic. We will recover our nature ♡

Love and gratitude for all of you beautiful beings.

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