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Airplanes are shootingstars

Hello world,
we end the wintersleep to tell you that we actually not made a wintersleep.

Let’s answer the top questions that reached us recently. We’re alive, we’re absolutely fine, we are in Nerja, in the south of Spain. Another answer is missing. Why did it take so long for this blog article?

We didn’t have that much and good internet access, and there was so much to do, less to tell and.. no thats not true ;) we were lazy.

But there is a point that might be an excuse. It has been a lot of things, that happend in quite a short time, so we had to realize it by ourselves before we tell somebody else about it. Oh yeah, that sounds good, doesn’t it? The best thing we saw was not existing: winter ;P There was just some rain a couple of days in the “wintermonth” to keep our selfplanted salads and herbs grow to amazing tasty plants. Yummy!

So we have to sum up almost three month in one blog article, wich we dedicate to all the beings, souls, things and moments that formed that special time. Behind every Photo, every mention and name there is a little world that we experienced with or through you.

Our winter-home:
We lived at a cherimoya finca from the Fresh-Food-Family which is full of avocado and cherimoya trees. Jozsef and Meenhard rent this land and have guests from all over europe and even the whole world.

The meetingpoint on the finca:

Meenhard and Jozsef:


There is no picture from Alan, so we took a picture from a chicken that lived near to Alans yurt :-)

The most beloved dog in the world “Lolli”

The rat hunters, not doing their job. Mikado und Mechanica

At the beginning of this time we met our lovely Gitta.

She was in the tent next to us but also used to sleep in one of the caves. From day to day we build a lovely trio. We eat together, make the community garden and feel connected. Gitta teaches us to play the flute, to make colorful wristbands and tells about her time in Columbia. Finaly we go to Portugal with her for almost two weeks at the beginning of January. We meet Friends and have a wonderful time.

It’s rainy. We sit on the fireplace, read books and feel like this would be the first time we actually can relax. We have not been to Tamera ;)

On the last picture of Portugal you can see the “free land” near Tamera. It was bought by pretty nice people and given back to mother earth. If you feel like you should visit this place, send us a mail.

We return to the finca at Can’s birthday and Gitta drives back to Germany. With her and all other finca guests we had an amazing wintertime. With a pinch of pride we want to share the fotos of that time with you. This is dezember and we take a bath in the sea, eat cherimoyas till it’s not longer possible for the belly, make other rawfood preparations and chill out in the hot springs.

When Gitta went back to Germany, we also moved to another area at the finca, where you have to walk some minutes to reach it. There we lived in a wooden tipi next to the yurt of Alan.

Ahaa! On the last picture you can see Alan :-)

And next to our two absolutely sweet chickenladies. Alan is such a wonderful soul. Again we found a new friend. Our belly muscles didn’t know wich direction is right. We laughed a lot, ate a lot and also lost some healing tears.

Also Jen’s mum visits us. She’s moving to Nerja.. We’ve giving up to wonder about coincidences.

If you know our blog you’ll probably ask yourself if we’re just joking all the time ;)
So now we help Heike (Jen’s mum) with her little store here in Nerja, as long as she needs us and until we move on.
Right now we live with Heike in her house, have a big garden, which is the new stage for Can’s permaculture art and enjoy her two cats.

It’s fulfilling to help the family. Heike is also a completely Rawfood-Lady so we have enough compost for the plants. Together we create Rawfood Pralinees that we will offer in her store to make the world a little bit more tastier every day :) So the wintertime was successful.

Winters always reminding us to look deeper. This time got us some interesting insights.
This is one of them: For private reasons we will create the blog less private. What!?
Ok, it’s like this - For sure, we won’t be able to stop sharing some things with you. But the content will be more about what’s touching us in general instead of a diary of our private life and the trip. We hope that many of you will like that, too. We believe, that you understand us, but to be sure, here is an example: Not to make a photo and to breathe in that moment, to let it go (because impermanence is natures nature ;P) is what we love the most. It feels more pleasant not to document our plans for the world tour and for the future.

Now you say “What the f***, I want all the drama, baby!” ??

Then check out our friends blog. Alexandros (not a rawfoodist, yet^^) is not only doing his exciting tours by bike, he’s also a good and funny writer.

So what about your Trip by bike and with all the “free of money” thing?
Instead of a little resumée we want to tell you something else: What we did was/is NOT something special. It’s not a big deal to travel without money but still have good looking appearence and enough to eat. It’s not a suicide squad to travel by bike through various countries. So many people live this gorgeous freedom. It’s not a utopian idea to stay on rawfood and to eat naturaly. Okay. Everything together is quite cool ;P But it’s possible. Everything! In only three countries we meet a lot of people like us. Many of them and also many of you already live their dreams. We want to thank you for your inspirational life. We’re happy to share this time with you and to go together in contact with the planet.

It’s easy to see that we found our way to think about this whole issue here on earth. The way of nature.

That gives us a feeling of trust and bliss. When shootingstars show up, we can’t do anything else then make a present to anybody else. Maybe it’s you? Try out and make a wish!

Be loved,
Can and Jen

Here you’ll find all related pictures on Flickr

Something for our own benefit. Maybe you like it, too.

Sometimes we have this annoying ambition to inspire you. So we just made a big potpourrie out of all the videos, texts, downloads, books, movies, documentaries and other notes that essentially formed our mindsetting.. In the next time we will open that treasure chest with you. Have fun.

You’re not on facebook or other social networks to see if we open the treasure chest? Send us your e-mail adress and we will let you know :)

We hope you feel like sharing and searching for more information about every theme.


For the newbies of a natural way to eat there are two great authors. Markus Rothkranz and David Wolfe. Both did not find the eternal truth but it’s absolutely great written for beginners.

We present videos for those who are into rawfood, yet and for all the others, that are interested. Next time some more.

You wanna try rawfood?

Make it yourself: Rawfoodrecipes, Rawmazing
Search for raw food events in your area, google “raw food” with your city name and so on.

Viva La Boobies! 7 Things to Know About Breasts

The world and me

Gardening. Everyone should have one

Back to Eden - “A movie that forces everyone to grow their own food. Watch it anyway ;P”

So now you have enough homework until this inspiration parade continues.

Alles Liebe,
Can und Jen’

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