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Here we go, we continue our travel blog. Last stop was Spain, you remember? Many voices told us to change the route? so we forgot about Thailand and decided to cross the atlantic ocean.

Mom, please make a picture :D That my mom has been in Spain, too was amazing, we had a great time together. Kiss you, mom ♡

To cross the ocean, we sold our bikes in one day, although others told us that nobody wants such bikes in Spain.. haha.. we’re so lucky ♡ And to proof we are, life gave us a hot deal exactly on my birthday. So the flight was in august. What do you think is my starsign, Leo or Virgin ? ;D

Our first stop was the appendix of america. Costa Rica: Humid. Warm. Mold.

But it was beautiful anyway, especially in the case of meeting and making friends. :D We lived, had dinner, worked and slept in the jungle.

In Costa Rica you can find several raw-food projects. Fasting-retreats, waterfall experiences with gourmet raw food and private families. There are two and a half possibilities to buy organic fruits and veggies, so you know the whole alternative community in quite a short time and will be busy greeting everybody instead of shopping your food ;)

Costa Rica - The paradise on earth?

You have to know.. Internet doesn’t always tell you the truth^^ We did a lot of research and found Costa Rica the ultimate target.. Reality gave us a humid kiss and blew a wind out of pesticides in our face. There are many reserved nature parks, that’s right. But also Costa Rica is very small and all the love of nature from the government means nothing if they also allow and seem to encourage spraying every little plant, every private garden, all pastures and even (hold yourselves) THE COWS.. yes..they spray them..

People running around with red eyes pretending they would love not to spray “but there is no other way, you know”.. Even all the foreigners, who try to be organic and so on, don’t seem to bring balance to the enormous trend to be like the USA. There are not only to much pharmacies for humans and plants, also the people are usually a little to fat and still squeeze themselves in the second hand wear from the USA. We did’nt know if to cry or to laugh.

But the nature that is still intact is mindblowing. Giant blue-glittering Butterflies clear waterstreams, high trees and deep jungles.

Hopefully people wake up and support the little islands of pure nature, that still exist in Costa Rica. Hopefully the earth easily gets rid of gallons of “Roundup”.

The author of a wise book asks the protoganist how she could pretend the big river in Moscow would once be filled with clear drinking water, so people all over the world come to drink from it. He said that this is a crazy idea. But she answers him: “Just stop polluting it!”

We love this short example because it’s the simplicity and truth that will guide us the way into a healthy future.

Are you interested to go to Costa Rica? That’s a good idea! You will find yourself with a deeper understanding of nature and wildlife and also might see the world with different eyes.

We want to tell you what places we’ve been in Costa Rica. We’ve first been with Trey near San Isidro. We skyped with him before we decided to come to Costa Rica. A nice friendship developed and we celebrated that with a bunch of excellent raw vegan 80/10/10 meals. Yummy! At this time, Tray was the care taker of a nice house, with quite a big garden area. He returned to the USA, to earn some money and is currently back in Costa Rica, living with the tribe of Ardent Light. (Will talk about them later)

The next station has been a place in the wildernes, the “Rawtreat” (www.rawtreat.weebly.com) from the german guy Ray. We lived with other volunteers and learned to work in the jungle. We cleaned banana palms, picked coconuts, learned how to handle a machete, took clay-bathes and made several composts.

For some time we also lived at the land of 120 hectares, where Ray actually lives with his girlfriend Fita and her children. Both places have been amazing and have been grat teachers for us. From our internet research we thought about staying there with Ray and Fita, working on a peace of land for our own, but it didn’t fit. We’re thankful that Ray and Fita invited us to their amazing land so we could experience the life in the tropics with all it’s wildlife.

Our tent was inside a big Rancho and our view was amazing. On one side the pacific ocean on the other side the hills with pure rainforest.

There have been monkeys on both lands, waking us up. Some of them with a yelling, screaming sound, others with stealing our bananas. The tucans and other birds sang their weird songs, that are so different from those you hear in the temperate climates.

Mosquitos? What’s this? We don’t know this >.< please let’s talk about something else :D But we know the sound of the jungle by night? unique.. quite good to sleep. Our Nany was a big Mrs. Spider with furry, yellow doted leggins and a little black scorpion in front of the tent. Thank you that there are also other animals in Costa Rica like those little sweeties and that waking up in the rainforest feels like you are still dreaming when you look outside your tent that pretends to keep the Mosquitos away ^^

Also the little paths through the rainforrest have security-guys. In this case black snakes.. The first free snake in my life and I was frozen.. her giant aura asked us to go another way.. we DID?

As a first world citizen it takes some time to understand HOW fast change is in the tropics. Life is booming. Life is fast and is strong..stronger. Die fungi is stronger than the wooden house and ALL your textiles and electronics. The rain is stronger than the steps out of clay and stones. The sun is stronger than the grennhouse-plastic, the need for a toilet (quick) is stronger than your super-duper rawfoodist colon.. and the death is faster than you can make friendship with all those little animals.

Our spider just left her legs behind. A Gecko ate her. The Geckos fall into the spider webs, the dogs from the finca decide to change their diet from bananas to little mammels and everybody (because of the humidity) seems to have skin-problems. Is this the climate we are designed for? Do we live there or survive there? Of cause, with degenerated bodys we will only survive. The earth is our home- everywhere. The problem occurs, when people try to break natures rules. If you want to live in the tropics you might except that it’s best to be naked. That it is best to eat your fruits and forget about having some of your beloved vegetables. If you want to live in Finnland you have to accept that you have to cut down a tree to make fire or to build a proper accomandation. The whole earth is made for us. We have to accept it’s rules and get more flexible in our minds. The way the western people think is “normal” is not normal nor recommendable elsewhere. Children of the earth, native people around the world, provide and teach us how to truly live :) Thank you !

It was not only the skin that went through a changing process, we also cleaned up our mind.

What we UNlearned in Costa Rica:

  • to scratch if it’s itchi
  • Our little spanish, cause we’ve been with so many gringos all the time.
  • Not to go barefoot out of the tent - scorpions

What we DID learn in Costa Rica:

  • Still walk barefoot 4 kilometers through the rainforest and to trust
  • That it is better to start small and grow your farm slowly bigger and bigger. You get a better yield from one square meter if you have just one square meter alone than one inside a hectare.. of cause, you can care more for it and lift up the productivity of that little area. So to start just around the living space and to expand your gardening systems from there is a very efficient way and much better that planting all over your hundreds of hectares but not be able to care for what you’ve planted. We made the same experience in Portugal, yet, but now got a final understanding for this.
  • Everybody has to build their own paradise - nobody else can do this for you (there is coming an own article about this topic wich will also explain why we are talking so much about gardening instead of traveling ;P)

Below you can see our accomandation on one of the farms and the shampoo flower, that is collecting the rainwater and is mixing it with its pollen so you can use it as a perfect shampoo if you like.

Most of the time we ate Bananas. Cause they are growing like weed and make strong :)

As if there were nothing to read we have to tell you about gorgeous Robert! He’s living in Costa Rica for decades and adopted lot’s of children in Costa Rica. His heart is much bigger than all his hectares and has space for all plants (including healing herbs and more), animals and even travelers who need internet ;) I owe him one the most emotional moments of my life. It was essential to skype with my mom, what he made possible. I thank you so much Robert!! ♡
His majestic, tall trees gave the most delicious fruits we ever tried in abundance?tons?even though Robert doesn’t care about self sufficiency. We worked on a lot of farms where this is the middle of all effort. Planting FOOD and HARVESTING. Just after I was able to talk to my mom we realized: How is it possible that so many gardens, that are designed to produce food have such a poor output that you have to search like a truffel pig but the garden of Robert, where nobody’s going just for the harvest, is full of eadible goods?
As a traveler, I didn’t have money to thank Robert. Not that he would have taken it^^ But I developed the wish so badly to give something back. Cause the unconditioned love he spread must have made every being he cares for wishing to give something back. I made little picture with two mountains and a sun that connects them?

But the trees? He planted them, not (only) to harvest their fruits. He just wanted to preserve all the different species. He loves his plants and gives them a save place to grow and be. They must have the same feeling, I had. So they overwhelm this man with their gorgeous fruits ♡ This knowledge will be with me forever and we’ll apply it to our garden. Thank you Robert ♡

More sweet thoughts go to the tribe of Ardent Light. For a few days we have been with our tent on the land of the Luzardo family and enjoyed the nature and hospitallity. With big hearts and enthusiasm they create a future ecovillage, dedicated to the transition. Helping people to return to the nature, rebuild the place itself, giving workshops for natural building, making vegetable plastics, healthy diets teaching the neighbours how tho grow organic food and much more. Their webiste: ardentlight.com.

We had some very sensitive conversations with the family mother Ngoc and she was observing our souls, figering out, why we wouldn’t stay with them: “There need to be the pure places on earth, so we can show our guests what we want to achieve” she said. Warm hugs to you, Ngoc ♡

In our next adventures we shall get closer and closer to such pure places.. it’s getting exciting.

You could think this article is too critical. Sorry, but we’re not here to tell you how beautiful the beaches and how tasty the coconuts of Costa Rica are. You can read that everywhere. We give you an idea of OUR journey and not the one and only truth. And be honest, everybody likes a little gossip, right? ;D

Okay, but really, Costa Rica is a nice place to visit. And it deserves to be rescued.. Maybe that’s your thing? All the waterfalls, all the wildlife.. it’s amazing. There are many upcoming communities you might like to join or visit. Just write a message for more details or addresses :)

If you are traveling because of tropical fruits..let me tell you.. nothing beats Thailand and south-east Asia ;) Also, if you think about moving to Costa Rica, you might check the political situation in the case of schoolsystems and vaccination. In the case of the influence of the USA and laws that might force you to spay your land..We can tell you more, just write us a message.

We are thankful for three month Costa Rica! Applause to this tiny country and Pura Vida.

Next time we tell you about the wild Columbia!
Can’t wait for your comments and questions.

Love to you!
Can and Jen

By Jen

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