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Applause for human fur

As important as the breasts, the heart-field of the women, is the general freedom and acceptance of your whole body. Even the hair, and no, not only the head hair, but the tiny hairs all aver your body. So native americans wear their hair long cause it makes them more sensitive? I don’t see a reason why all other hair should not have special purpose. Many of them are clear anyway: Hair under your arms is the best protection against the smell and false temperature regulation, the pubic hair protects the holyness from dirt, like lashes protect the eyes and eyebrows stop the sweat from running into them. And I say: Hair on your legs protect you from lower self-esteem ;-) These hairs also protect you from high blood-pressure when your darling touches your leg, because the hair is soft and silky not only one and a half day but always pleasant to stroke ! ♡ Did Romeo say no to his (for sure not shaved) Julia? Even our parents fell in love with each other, without being shaved all over the body. It is such a new trend. It’s funny that we believed it is our own taste, that body hair is disgusting.. Since I am not cutting my hair-senses off anymore, I never got a bad commend or a disgusted look.. Spread with your new self-esteem and everybody looks you into your eyes anyway ;-) Yes, I am blonde and so is my body-hair. But I was also thinking that I a producing dark, black, strong stubbles! On the pale white skin it was a nightmare for me! But after a while, they turned into thinner and brighter hair that decorates my body on all the respective parts with its shiny glitter. I don’t know if to be mad that I was taught the opposite of the truth or that I finally got the chance to see the amazing beauty of my body..(decided to be happy) I encourage you to let all your hair grow! Also if you are not blonde! Because nature did not make a mistake when giving you body hair. Nature choose this color for you, to your skin, to your character…love yourself! To my generation: HAVE YOU EVER SEEN YOUR FULL BODY HAIR? Or shaved it right when it started to grow because of all the advertising?? Let me tell you: Very short hair at your head can also look not that good, but the longer it gets the more harmonious it will be…Stop being an hedgehog all 2 days, ground yourself with your hair on the legs, stop wasting money and time to cut of parts of yourself!! The time until you are “rebuild” again can be hard and pricky, but the hair WILL get softer and brighter as you think.. It is totally worth it. Feel your true nature and enjoy to have better temperature control to have healthier skin to evolve your self esteem, know that you are worth to have a partner that loves you and your nature. Simply admire your own perfect natural patterns and forms how the hair fades away into the hairless parts. WOW! The following words are a tribute to a soul here on gaia: Dear girl from Berlin- When I saw you I still had black and orange painted head hair and to much mascara, although I banned a lot of make up. My skin just began to forgive me. Rawfood did its job as well. But you..have been a natural fairy and seemed like a copy of “Eva” to me :) A healthy body, just covered with some very short “hippy skirt” and natural blonde hair…With every step on your bike you showed your legs to me. They sparkled! That have been the hair on your legs and I was blown away from that natural beauty and your obviousness to NOT SHAVE! I promised myself to have this glittery fur one day by myself. And here I am- accomplished your secret mission ;-) Thank you unknown sister ♡

You can see my human fur in the gallery below.

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