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Colors, more colors, Perú

Two years on our round the world trip! We celebrate it colorfully with our latest Perú article.

With all it’s colorfull patterns, landscapes, people food and cultures,
Perú is smiling at us. It smiles through all the friendly faces of the market women and tiny babys in the colorfull carry-sheets. Grandmas are dancing in beautiful skirts proudly wearing their long hair, in two tails, decorated with a cowboy hat.. No, really.. This is just amazing!

The caramel-skin is beautiful in all ages. With red brushed cheecks from little childrens faces, with all the teenager girls that seem to be Pocahontas herself and with older people as rinkles of wisdom.
This andean skin seems exclusively made to impress the tourists…

Find the two mistakes in the following photo block. ;)

The babys in the colorful carry-sheets, very close to their mother are angels and show us how calm and easy babys can be. Just the few other babys that are carried in plastic or somthing on wheels cry a lot.. The mother attached babys are just starring, calm or sleeping…think about it. Breastfeeding is a normal practice in all places and even with older children. A beautiful culture! ♡

On those colorful sheets people often present their harvested grains and sell them. They also carry just eveything in it. Looks like colorful snailhouses :-)
Of course a lot of it is produced by mass..but still it is an impressive handwork and art out of Alpacca or Sheep wool. Not vegan but.. That just doesn’t matter here. People live higher than 3500 m altitude… They went here to flee from enslavement. First from the Inkas… Than the Inkas themselves fleed from the spanish conquerors..Karma?

Webing is a well known art here. As well as dying with natural colors. We will learn that one day ♡

Also they know how to build houses out of natural materials. Unfortunately the western techniques swap over a lot but there are still many wonderful new earth buildings.. we LOVE IT

Andes..powerful and meaningful mountains. What an honor to be with you. Digging roots into the rainforest and touching the sky at the same time. We are thankful to lay our heads on patchamamas womb ♡

(2. chacra of planet earth, the sexual chacra, is here in the south of Perú/Bolivia/North Chile)

Thanks to Nicole Stapleton for some of her nice shots.

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