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How we became CEO and CFO of a conservation organization

Hello dear beloved <3
Last year I could celebrate 30 times flying around the sun and I thought to myself - Come on, Sascha, let’s do something absolutely lit. We are now CEO and CFO of a nature conservation organization - Our own; D And let me tell you, that was paperwork war !!! Haha. Oh boy…

And this is how wasted freshly sun-dried (not baked) Chairmen look after the founding year.

And it all happened like this

We are in love with the principles of permaculture and also like to apply them to all other areas of life. In this case, it is the principle of usind energy and time efficiently, parted in 80% planning and after that implementing like a boss whatever you planned wisely. Yes, that’s right, that’s how it works in permaculture and it’s worth it. First you sit around on your piece of land and OBSERVE (sunshine, rains, shadows and much more over the year), then you PLAN extensively and only then you take action.

Spring 2015

So we „observed“ Perú for a whole year - visiting a new project or region every month. A lot of traveling, a lot of driving , we climbed a lot of mountains, understood a lot and have been blessed with a lot of muscle soreness. Hiking, climbing Apus, hearing your knees sing hate-anthems while climbing down, and finally realizing that these pretty high mountains look really sexy, but they’re not our gusto to settle down.

Driving, driving, driving

Peru is a big piece of land. Half the size of Europe or something. I mean … there’s bigger coutries … but it’s still a lot of horizon here. I know Perú now better than Berlin and Germany .. You know .. Berlin people often don’t know much about the rest of Germany xD After all, you can take beautiful photos while maneuvering with hope from valley to mountain to valley.

Even as a scout with the constant feeling of searching for so many sweet souls (yes, I mean YOU): D many of you <3) and finding what’s good and sustainable, there’s time for everyday life, to enjoy friendships and Perú. What we have learned about the people of this country and the culture has been so important to make decisions and I am actually glad that I am no longer clueless in regards of this place on earth. Living and working with the Peruvians is super relaxed or feels like a hurry, everything takes 10 times as long as you are used to, it always works somehow, much is improvisation, spontaneity and is supported by their talent, their strength and intuition. So we tested Perú from the inside out and tested it to see if there is a future for making a self-sufficient settlement here. And Perú has been testing us back ;P haha. How thin can the air be to breathe when climbing? How far can you go into the deep jungle and find your way back, how cold can you eat your fruit in Cusco City to do important paperwork, how many mosquito bites fit on a leg, and how strong can you use the wooden paddle against the filling river in the lowland jungle without actually flowing in the wrong direction? Annnnd one , aaaand two … The hearbeat’s rising…

Second year - planning

Armed with Pens and fingertips, the patience webbed thicker, we jumped into the Peruvian bureaucracy, managed Migrations and ultimately started our own organization. Here we have this book, which every organization must have .. and every page is stamped by the notary .. costs money of course .. and guess what .. You have to print out each file anyway, cut it smaller and then stick it to the page !!!! At first we could not believe that XD Well .. of course we wanted boycott the whole thing and glued the papers in with aloe vera slime :D Unfortunately, that has turned brown. We had to change that :,(

We already have accompanied 4 people and one organization through their Paperwork madness and have gained an incredible amount of experience. All those who are coming now will have to do a lot less than we did and we think that’s AWESOME, and we’re proud of our insights on our way and on everything we can pass on. (IMPORTANT, this only applies to well-planned arrivals)

Someone spied for you :D

Third Year

Where will we all live and plant our gardens? It feels as if we had really seen everything (of course this is nonsense, but you know what I mean ^^) From Germany to Central America to Perú, Can knows Australia and I know Thailand .. We HAVE seen a lot. Our sleeping places were sandy, moldy, loud, prickly, steep, cold, just funny, dangerous, dirty, nice but meh, the but of the world and much more. We KNOW what we need, what is feasible, what is unmanageable, what looks good, but is a stupid idea, what height, what winds, what political climate, what people we need in our lives to implement our idea of ​​nature conservation and life model. So:

The third year is coming to an end.. Just a tiiiiny bit more visiting properties .. the heart is still huritng .. there is something else! … Yes? … warmer … Come on, there’s more to it dear life, we can feel lit .. aaaand..


Found the correct place of earth and stayed <3 And it feels almost unreal, that the search has an end. My amazing mom purchased the first land over here and is offering us to build huts for arriving people. We as GaiAma will continue to save money for the purchase of the bigger neighbor land, wich has even better conditions for a settling with more and more people. And at this point we want to thank you guys so much for your support of our crowdfunding we started in 2015, we’re on a good way and it’s amazing what we have been able to do in the past years, through your help and love. I honestly admire all of you, only having the connection via the internet and still believing in us, hearing our hearts sing about a natural future.

Of course we will tell you more about our new home in the upcoming time;) But one by one. We are now clearing jungle ways, find water fountains, mark waterstreams, check sealevels and waterlevels in rainy season, get to know the plants and animals of this specific spot and much more.

Of course, the new organization baby must have an Internet presence and swallows our previous blog HappyGaia.com. Besides saving the rainforest Can is Neo from The Matrix and is programming everything from scratch, so it looks like on my sketches <3 Thank you sweetie. But don’t worry, it just automatically redirects you and you don’t have to do anything different than before :) You’re on it, yet . Badass head banner, right? Take a look around, learn about our Organisation GaiAma and get to know us and our life again.

It was about to happen

Our personal interests merge with our interest in serving the world and shaping a future worth living for. So a trip around the world ended up creating a conservation organization that combines well-tried methods with new models of protecting the rainforest. On the homepage’s first menu point you can read more about how we do it :)

All the love from the soft tropical jungle. And see you next time. We’ve made the impossible possible - We have Internet here at the end of the world :D (with cable distributed to the Laptops of course)

Cuddle attack! Can, Sascha and everyone from GaiAma <3

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