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Julias day with us - living near Machu Picchu

In the middle of january we had a guest from germany, the sweet and gorgeous Julia. We spent an amazing day with her, showed her a little around and explored the kindness of Perú.

Come with us and see what happened this day.

We sart the day with shopping fruits at the market in Quillabamba. The sellers LOVE when foreigners know what fruit it is, how to open and eat it and how much it costs.

We find the exotic biriba fruit that tastes like sticky applepie dough and then take a ride to the cemetary in the vibrating moto-taxi. They say there is a huge jackfruit tree… and there IS :) Can climbs and hugs it and also makes one of the fruit fall down for us :

This is one beautiful cemetary… really nice.. we would like to stay here even in the lifetime..

Next station is an area where there is even more Jackfruit, like weed. People don’t know what do to with all the fruit falling down.. We shovel so much jackfruit it’s ridicolous :D

At our way we hear a soft voice behind us asking “qieres agua?” (do you want water?)

Oh so sweet. A little girl saw us sweating in the mid day sun and wanted us to take a rest. Her dad filled our bottles from the waterstream and picked some oranges from his tree for us. Julia is overwhelmed by the big hearts of the peruvians. In one hand her bottle, she’s hugging the sweet girl and is crying a bit :,)

Half a kilometer more we get called into a private garden again. They also saw us marching in the hot sun and invited us to a talk and drink in the shadow of their amazing tropical garden.

To end the day we visit a small but nice waterfall to cool down. One jackfruit more find its way in our bellys ^^

Full of fruits and gifts (fruits^^) we drive home and fall asleep smiling. What a nice day with Julia :)

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