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Licorice for breakfast

“Get the camera” Oh let’s make a video for this”..” Haha, this is something for the blog.. You see, we’re constantly thinking of you =) We wished so hard for time and space to write the blog and here we are, having both and even more. So let’s go.

The heaven in Montpellier has obviously been pretty sad, that we leave the town. Wrapped in our rain capes we had a lot to sweat while reaching our beloved nature.

Fauna shows itself as new passengers on the bike. This Lady here (sorry if you’re a guy) clasped her hands so polite, that we gave her a free ride.

All the time we learn that Ortlieb is not producing panniers but busses for insects. Especially pregnant spiders love the folds of the bagages. But also Snails in every form an color would pawn their house to take the famous Globetrawter-train.

If animals can plan trips, we will play “tree”. Our camera secretly took some pictures for you. This little cheeky thing..

Maybe because life is going naturally up and down or maybe because the blog-god thought it’s more gripping..

Right from the start we have been happy about the “speed” of biking.

No jet lag, you can see the beautiful environment, you can stay away from big high ways, you’re independent and you can slowly get used to the weather, the water, new mentalities and nature.

In france it’s cool to see how nature changes. More and more palm trees, more cactus, and stony ground. Amazing beaches on our left.

As rawfoodists we still can eat mediterranean, cause the olives become ripe and we get dried tomatoes everywhere.

At the street we pick fennel flowers while we bike and chew them. Really tasty! That’s not the only thing we put in our mouthes recently. We thought about making our life more amazing, so we decided to have licorice for breakfast and even for dinner, for lunch.. Looks like this. Forget your toothbrush and please throw away your toothpaste . Licorice is one of the most healthiest things to brush your teeth with. We love it.

There have been some rainy days..maybe two days? ^^ One of them we stayed the whole day in our tent and did what we love the most: Philosophize.

Oh, there they are.. the Pyrenees.. a phenomenal view that lets the travel soul sing =)

Just before the border we met another rawfoodist, who gave us ripe, organic mangoes and more addresses for ecovillages in Spain. Our meetings always have a touch of fate. Sometimes we feel like it’s all a dream.

“We are able to have problems” part one:
It’s time for a couch surf.. but not a single request is getting a positive answer.. Okay, the weather is good, we always find a place to tent, and we can take a shower at the beaches but we really starve for writing the blog and for charged batteries.. The headlamp, the camera and the GPS go belly-up and neither the E-werk (electricity from pedaling) nor the little sun collector seem to help us. So Can is thinking about a wind turbine made out of the wheels, every night. Of cause, our movie script, uh our life, presents us some product designers on our way, that maybe will create such a thing. Nothing that can help us NOW, but it’s funny, isn’t it ?

So something positive for the end:

we want to end this article with rhymes
trying to be innovative sometimes

Farewell, check out the next article
where we write about this Pyrenee hill

about hunger and thirst and gluttony
about pretty much people that want to be free.

be loved
Can & Sascha

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