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Natural birth control. Surprise!

Oh why the heck is sex for making babies…? It’s so nice but no baby please.

If you wanna enjoy coitus without a surprise you have to make sure there is no impregnation happening.
Thanks to my natural hygiene articles I was asked a lot to write about natural birth control.
Well my friends buckle up, here is the truth:

You don’t want a baby? Then don’t stick a penis into a vagina..
Who would have thought that^^

Am I kidding you? No. But this is just one advice in between a bunch of more information ;)
The second best natural anti offspring method is the so called “nfp” natural family planing (this includes planing to NOT have a baby, too)

Although some of the nfp methods work with measuring the temperature, what I find really unnatural, cause there are no thermometer trees in nature, I am in peace with the other methods of nfp. This is mostly testing the external of the uterus and the cervix for texture and softness and more. You can find out exactly and how to work with this in every nfp book. It’s a little science and you have to commit to learn it well and learn more about your body.

I find nfp the most bodyloving method, cause it’s not interacting with your hormones or cells in any way. You are just yourself and wrap your love live around it and not the other way around.

The anti baby pill is the worst of cause. You are probably informed about this, I guess that’s why you are reading the article.. if not, then please take time to look up the dangers of the anti baby pill.

I am also very sceptical with any form of betraying the body with substances, even ancient medicinal plant like. It might work, but is that nice and gentle with yourself?
By learning nfp really good, women are able to avoid a pregnancy as good as with the anti baby pill.

Nutrition and Sexlife:
Many rawfoodists, (men and women) experience a softer sexual need in general. Live is no more all about an orgasm every two days, happiness comes from within. This is a very relaxing state between the man and the woman and is freeing the mind. Sex is getting more special and even more precious.

And here’s the hammer. Sit down.

You can do what you want, a very good, spriritual and ecstatic orgasm can always lead to ovulation!

Okay..let that sink in..

So a woman could be happy now that this never happened to her but.. wait.. is this something to be happy about? ;P

I proudly present to you - The man.
The really natural birth control is HIM and this happens with the senses. A man can smell when the woman can get pregnant. He tastes it - that’s the meaning of kissing by the way. The saliva has important information for him, to make sure he finds the right moment to make offspring.

And if he is also an amazing lover and the woman has an orgasm with or shortly after him, she will kind of suck the semen in with the inward contraction of her orgasm to ensure a fertilization. Wow.. what a construction ♡

So? Why did men not tell us they have these superpowers!? So we could just have Sex when it’s not smelling THAT good for him and have a little less spiritual intense orgasm….

Who the heck is so conscious nowadays to be able to realize those signs of the intuition. Nobody listens to the gut feeling, we have been trained HARDLY to think with the brain. But from the bottom of my heart I wish for every lady out there a man who is able to smell, taste and feel her!

As I wrote in my hygiene articles, it’s major important to not use soap and fragrences if you want to be a healthy human being in every layer of your existence. So here we are.. The man can only really smell you, if it is YOU! And not the vanilla oil..
Every month Can is purring around me and can’t breathe in strong enough near me.. I looked at my nfp chart and he really purrs on point ;)
At these moments we realize even more deeply that it’s so strange to not have Sex THEN but to look for the moments when there is no high chance for a fertilization.. You know what I mean?

Still, all this patience, observing, a lifestyle beyond tofu and organic salad is simply to difficult for most people, I get that. But as you probably know I am not the one who asks for simple first world luxury solutions. I am always digging deeper and I am curious to find the very roots that are still in harmony with our human nature.

I think we can at least try to learn and work on us!
Our sexuality practically has been raised by porn… and most people are so vulnerable but they would never admit it. We HAVE to learn again, to be soft, to listen to what we really want.
They sold us sex like milk and eggs.. daily! But is that healthy? Is this what our princess soul and knight hearts really want? We’ll have to find out.

I fall on my knees and beg you to read this amazing book by Tony Wright. It’s called „Left in the Dark“ and you can download it for free Download Left in the Dark as PDF

This book is giving you a deeper look into the „orgasm can cause ovulation“ thing but also a very interesting perspective on nutrition and sexuality and much more.

So now you ask me where are the advices like animal bladder as condoms, shamanic anti baby massages or prayers, herbal cocktails and more.. how dare I not to tell you?
Well, I don’t regret anything (just because I don’t know anything about it)
The mystery of sexuality remains :)

Wait.. I can’t be so rude.. so here’s something to google if you want to temporary be a body not capably of making offspring, with natural help:

Wild carrot seeds
Root of the Yams
And Payaya seeds (FOR THE MAN… Say What!?)

Have fun guys, we love you!
Can and Jen

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