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Natural Internet - The foundation of permaculture

Natural Internet - The foundation of permaculture

Hello to all of you who are interested in gardening, planting and preserving nature. On HappyGaia.com we talk a lot about permaculture. Therefore we will post five small parts with tips and videos about permaculture for you. Today’s part one is about the foundation of permaculture. For example, if you want to understand nutrition you will first learn about the colon and not only about the nutritional facts of pasta. This is why we first have to understand the SOIL and all the life within. Fungi, bacteria, roots and other living organisms.

Here’s us in the garden we are currently helping, playing with fresh and dark humus. You can see it is a good one cause it’s sticky if you squeeze it but also crumbles easily if you dig your fingers in again. We love dirt ♡

One of the best videos about this topic is the film “Dirt!“.
Have fun watching this amazing and funny documentation.

And here we go for fungi, the “internet of the plants”

Be loved,
Can and Jen

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