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Not a river but a catwalk

This time we just assure how splendid traveling can be. No Bungee-jumps, we didn’t cross a desert, an ocean or founded a school in a poor country. But we so had a good time while biking all the way south on the Rhône.

Surprisingly there was no “perfect way for biking from Lyon to Marseille” as we have been told from so many other travelers.. We really don’t know what we’ve made wrong. There was a biking road, at least some meters..but the rest of the many many kilometers we got new hairstyles and free peelings from the trucks.

We also had the possibility for glowing organs, as we passed some nuclear power stations.

As we stopped being slower than granny on the bikeways cause we had to take the roads, we rocked the RhÃ’ne within seven days. There have been more benefits of a non existing bike way: So many farms that supported us with their ripe fruits.. Oh France in September

Highlight of the week: The fig trees! Everyday we found a lot of wild, fresh figs. Dreams came true :D

One farmer offered a tent space and figs from the tree for breakfast. He said it would be too much for him. We don’t believe, that you can have “to much” figs, so not only the bikes have been rolling out there that morning :)

If it’s sunday we eat nature’s salads. Original green smoothies due to our teeth.

The planet is not only rich in fruits, it’s also quite small. In one village we met a guy from Spandau (the district where Jen lived in Berlin) and in another village an actual rawfoodist supported us with delicious grapes and even had contacts for us in Thailand.

Valence has been a very good model on the Catwalk of the Rhône. Nice shooting, Valence.

Although we didn’t had a a shower for a week we have been concerned about our exterior. So Jen got some ruby from a fig tree and Can decorated his behind with a trendy praying mantid :)

As new trendsetters we lately released our new white friend from the cleavers.

But than, unfortunately, we arrived at the mediterranean see and we finally had to take a shower. What a pity.

After two days of creating raw food plates with our new couch surf host Hervé in Montpellier we got round to surf on the internet.

We can’t wait for your feedbacks.
As every day we send you love and happiness

be loved
Can and Jen’

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