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Oh, don´t stop!

..to pedal. Thats our mantra the last twelve days. Yeees, we’re still in Germany ;) In the south of Germany. We even have problems to understand the dialect ^^ There have been many ups and downs, rarely as leg breaking hills, but as experiences.

A new friend, we met at “Inselhof” showed us the best ways near rivers to go around the mountains.

Here we go:

The Inselhof (Island-Farm), a place between the mountains, organic fields and great air.

How did we check in here?
Of cause…we wished for it. Some hours ago we thought about a place where we can learn and show others our raw food recipes. We wanted to help on a farm and meet interesting people.

Sam and Suzy (our bikes) lead us to the Inselhof. Because we help to pick the cherries we are allowed to sleep here two nights. And because of the approaching storm.

Jen was to friendly to a strayed on dog. He bite her in the face..but everything makes sense in life and so we learned about EM (effective microorganism). We put that on the wounds and nothing left. No pain, no scars…

We ate so many different tomatoes. Many different fishes in the little lake have been cleaning us. We also had a lot of cherries, gooseberries, currants, raspberries and gooood conversations. Thanks to Öli, Uli, Wolfgang and Henry.

You want to know why our bikes are called Sam and Suzy and you want to watch a very wonderful film? Check out “Moonrise Kingdom” from Wes Anderson :-)

We got a fitness-level-up… Rawfood-Power is fun :D

In Fulda we meet our vegan couchsurf host Benny.
We made extremely delicious almond bread and pesto.

You are what you eat… we’ve lived without salt for 2 month. Now that’s what you get from salt:

There is a german article from another blogger about this..please google yourself what connects a big ankle and salt..

The natural roller coaster.
When we drove to Schlüchtern, the speedometer showed 42 km/h. We enjoyed that natural roller coaster for minutes :-)

Finally a possibility to sleep in our hammock again near Darmstadt. The city reminds us to a beautiful district of Berlin.

There was no chance to save food.. In cities we’ re often told that it’s not allowed to give the second choice raw food away. In smaller villages people are more confident, they give, they help, they are interested..we wish for the cities to become more like that ;)

We want to reach the Rhein, a river to Basel.

And we reached it. But… holy crab… what an ugly area… we even didn’t stop to take pictures. We stopped to breathe while biking through chemical factories, pharma-storehouses and loud machines that produce.. whatever.. it smelled like pure poison -.- But it’s still getting “better”. On the other riverside we spot the first nuclear power plant. Thanks.. we padle as hell to get a better view and a better feeling.

An amazing “up”
Mannheim was inviting us. Schuwe and Maike, friends of Jen, have been our hosts for some days.

We had a really good time

and made some rawfood pasta for them.

Mannheim also surprised us with a special gift.. Who knows what we ate? :D

On top of that we have been invited to eat Rawtatouille at the BistRoh.

A rawfood restaurant from Nelly Reinle-Carayon in Speyer. We gormandized and got some food to go after we had a lot of funny time with Nelly, Volker, Fortuna and Fabien. Thank you so much :-)

There are so much more ups than downs. And every down we embrace as a new experience.

We can nearly smell the vine branches of france, so thank you for reading. If you understand french, you can still read our blog. Just joking ;) In fact this is the beginning of the english blog..

Feel free to invite friends all over the world to google us, read our blog, like us or invite us.

Greetings to all directions in the world

Be loved,
Can and Jen

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