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Packing list

Some friends asked us for a packing list. So we made some photos to show you what we decided to take with us. Under each photo you find a short description.

We hope it helps other travelers, crazy people, interested and spirited to plan a trip.

Have fun..

Can’s Backroller 1:

1 hat, 1 visor cap, 1 jacket (sorted out) , 4 button down shirts, 2 t-shirts, 4 underpants, 3 pair of socks, 1 biking pants, gloves and a scarf, 2 Buffs, 1 belt, 2 longsleeves, 4 muscle shirts (only 3 left) , 1 jeans, 2 linen Pants, 1 short pants, 1 for bathing.

Can’s handlebar bag:

camera with bag and tripod, accumulator with solar panel, battery charger, 2 accumulators, speedometer, “E-Werk” for self-made electricity, cable, dry gras to make fire if necessary, travel adapter, patches, undercover belt.

Our bottles are attached to the bikes.


Waterproof little packing sack as trash. (leave every place cleaner than before, nature will honer it, plant a tree - we have so much seeds from our fruits - or pick up trash from others.)

Zipper for collected fruits as cherries or berries, laundry mesh (so you don’t have to put wet things into the bags), copies of the passes, knife sharpener, repertoire of aloe vera and coconut oil (natural sunblock)

More essentials:

The super nice hammock ;D, both of us a helmet, tension belts, a tiny little stool, ground sheet, toilet paper and a little shovel to return the raw food to the ground ;)

Jen’s backpack:

A jacket, hoodie, the brown jacket is given away already, a beach “towel”, 3 scarves (for sun protection or breath protection in dusty cities), a sachet with little gifts for children, vaccination record (if we have to get “immunized” to get in any country we will take another route, but it can be helpful to show your vaccination record in some countries) a notebook, gumboots, slipper, sneaker, a little drum and a guitar to make musiiiic, tubes, reflective west, rain poncho, a very good and compact water filter

Frontroller and bicycle rack Can:

Both of us a 35l waterproof packing sack for the sleeping mat (therm-a-rest) and bedroll (Meru-Colorado). We have two loops to connect the sleeping mats, the bedrolls can also be liked. We have inlets for the bedrolls, cause its easier to wash them.

A Tent for two people (Nordisk Jumala 2), an axe from Fiskars (for coconuts of cause ^^), gaffa tape, cable tape, a pen, repair kid, rope for so many things, steel cable to connect the bikes, shift cables, chain tool, spoke nipple, open end wrench, tire lever, pliers, dumbbell wrench, screws.

“Girly bathroom”:

Little bag, the globetrotter “G”, wooden comb, scrunchies and hair clasps, favorite ear rings and so on, both a toothbrush, no toothpaste as raw vegans ;) but dental floss (without! flour), nail scissors, nail file and tweezer.

Jen’s handlebar bag:

Organic, vegan mosquito repellent, tiny coconut oil spray bottle, same for aloe vera, under cover belt with documents, both the visor cap, compass, little padlock, our four laminated cards to show that we don’t eat cooked food, love fruits, need a toilette and travel money free. Both a headlamp (important) and a travel towel that is drying quite fast.

The kitchen:

4 water bags (4l) one of them with a cap to shower, hankies, Q-tips, sewing kid, folding bucket - evolves to a 10l bucket, 2 lighters, 1 wiping cloth, chlorella, wooden cutlery, a knife, joss sticks to keep mosquitos away, a travel hairdryer, if there’s no sun to dry the hair.

One more Backroller:

Jen’s clothes -

Three times something with sleeves, 2 leggings, 1 hot pants, 1 jeans, 3 india-style trousers, 5 tank tops (only 4 left, one is given away) 3 favorite shirts, only one Bra left, that is not used btw., only 5 panties left, 4 pair of socks, 3 T-shirts, one of them is a sleeping shirt, two times long sleeves for colder days, biking pats, 2 buffs, leg warmers and gloves.

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