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Rainforest dust on my skin

It’s not only raining water in the rainforest. It’s also raining flowers, leaves, sometimes monkey poo ^^ and a very special rainforest dust. It’s a mix out of moss, finest, decomposed leaves, various pollen, soil and much more. It is a brownish dust, that is sitting on the leaves and flowing through the air. It smells like a herbal tea, it smells dark green, cool and a little weg. It’s unmistakable. When I am cutting my way with the machete and the sun is shining towards me through some trees, time seems to almost stop. I can hear the bright sound of the machete with an echo as if I would be in a church. The cut leaf is falling down in front of me in slow motion, because it’s so big, it’s forming a little parachute. But the rainforest dust that was on this leaf is now forming a tail in the air. The backlit is lighting the bright brown dust sparkly and I breath in. The dust is dizzling down on me and sticks onto my sweaty arms. I feel blessed and go on marching through the jungle.

And for the long flower in one of the pictures - It’s pretty, although the leaves have insect bites, right? Yeah.. it doesn’t really matter.. They are flourishing, they are beautiful and wild and healthy… I hope to see a change in the perception of when a plant is sick or not only because there is an „insect infestation“. There is so much more thoughts to include. Did the insects only bite away parts with fungi? Could they eat to much, because the plant wasn’t full enough of water, so insects would have to deal with the waterdrops, immediately coming out of the leave? Or maybe, these bites aren’t bad. They’re just there. And everything is fine and in tune and going it’s way of life and decay. The plant might suck to much water there, or doesn’t get enough of what it needs to flourish. Nature often „takes out“ what doesn’t fit. And it’s probably better than your wish to have this plant RIGHT there.. let alone „helping“ it with chemicals. A desaster! In our garden, we could observe so many strong plants. They wher eaten down to their stems.. again and again.. And one day, they found out, how to change their chemistry. Another grashopper came.. took a bite.. and didn’t go on eating the leaves.. The plant won! We might not always find natures ways appealing or wouldn’t apply those principles one to one to our own lives. But it’s for sure a very good idea to let nature do it’s job. It’s beautiful. And the rainforest-chic of perforated leaves intriqued me. I love it!

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