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Real life won

At least in the last few weeks. It was so turbulent, so computer time just had to be canceled.

We managed to move from the quite cold mountains to tropical and flat areas and heaven blessed us with a donation: A house at the river… unbelievable but true. We began to recreate this sweet spot on earth that came with an outdoor shower and a compost toilet, two coconut palms and a view at the river and amazon rainforest at the other side of it.

Enjoy a good amount of Photos from the past few weeks. We recomand to read the picture descriptions for full bliss ♡

You won’t believe it.. we got donated a HOUSE at the river…

With our friend Roberto we visit old rainforests and his private garden.

On the market we find raw dried olives.. a rawfood juwel. The selling lady also offeres us a bread and we tell her we are rawies.. she grabs my hand and says “Congrats!” She’s almost raw, too.. for religious reasons :) We got a new friend and visited her hobbit land with pure springs and the most delicious mangos ever.

With Robertos father in law, who is making the boats here, we explore the waterways.

Oh and yes.. food is as delicious in the tropics as they tell you ♡

Our non-human neighbours are a blessing. Beautiful and usefull, every one of them it seems :)

We have been building, hammering, sawing, nailing, laughing and crying these weeks and the topping is this: Can and me got our temporary residencies! Finally… I fell down to mother earth and gave her my tears of pure joy.

Turbulences are over it seems, so HappyGaia will roll again :) Have fun with the upcoming articles friends ♡

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