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The basics of permaculture

Hey Permies :)
Today we want to show you some videos and basics about permaculture. What is it about?
Moslty you want to achieve a permanent and independent, abundant system, that is stabile and will therefore supply a lot of products for your own use. It’s about designing a system, that does not need extra energy but is instead supporting itself inside the small and big circles of life that happen naturally. For example a farm, where all byproducts from animals and plants are used inside the system to feed and fertalize. But there is much more you can do to get a self-sufficient system. It’s worth to learn about this. THIS is a school of live!!

Permaculture is looking at nature and copying it’s cycles. A forest is our teacher. We want to achieve a polyculture, so plants, animals and structures benefit and support each other. One herb will keep away the pest from another plant. The fungi in the soil will get the tree more nutrition and so on.

We want to build a real forest. If we want we can make it an eatable one. Here are the basics of this forest, easy to remeber:

Permaculture is not only an idea.. This is what we are, what we are supposed to do here on earth. It’s exactly what we are designed for. We see patterns, we can “think” and plan. We understand, we make conclusions and arrange.. we love to be in nature, to have clean water and an abundant food supply… We are creative and love to see beautiful patterns and flowers. This is us - permaculturists. This is what we need to learn, what we need to teach again. The true human nature.

Have fun learning our purpose ;)

Here is one awesome information to school yourself ♡ At part one we talked about the soil- here we will learn how to protect it. You can imagine the soil as your flesh. But it needs a skin to be happy. Let’s see what this video can tell us about this. Enjoy :)

Please do more research on your own, you won’t regret.

All the best,
Can and Jen

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