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The first eco village

This is 7 Linden www.siebenlinden.de

On our way to 7 Linden the nature surprised us with strawberries, cherries and greens until we got full :)

When we arrived at 7 linden our booties decided to stay for some days. So we play on the trampoline, lay in our hammock to read or philosophize in the beautiful unreal forest.

Fascinating about 7 Linden:

* the garden with self grown food

* the honesty of the peolpe.

* the place for kids where they can play in the forest.

To be on OUR “we want to stay here” list 7 linden is to much like a normal society. It’s great in developing new techniques to be more conscious with nature, like having composting toilets (great!) or building houses in many alternative ways. But it’s not a vegan community (but vegetarian) for example. Also their warm hearts can’t let the snow melt. And that’s not good for our Durian dreams ;)

Yet they are significant influencing the eco village movement all over he world.

We realy enjoyed our days in 7 Linden

be loved,
Can and Jen

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