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The natural way to clean yourself

I got a lot of questions about the hygiene as a natural being, how I wash and clean myself.. that’s not the question you get everyday but since I am blogging about returning to nature I guess that’s kind of a really good question!

I want to start with the hair and tell you how I came to not use any shampoo (#nopoo).
in fact it was Can who taught me how to do it. When I saw him the first time I promptly recognized his bad ass gorgeous hair.. so there must be something around washing your hair ONLY with water.

I tried it and it was a catastrophe! Then Can helped me with two things, he first told me to use lemon juice with water, that softens the hair and takes the oily feeling a bit and second he told me to be patient. With all the shampoo we take away the natural sedum of the scalp, produced by the sebaceous gland, which normally covers every single hair in a way you would never recognize it. Just like a cat, who never washes her fur with shampoo but lets you be amazed by her splendid shiny and soft hair..
After I made it (being patient) I just feel the same way.. My hair is so soft and healthy and even dryes!! MY hair is drying without using a hairdryer? I thought that’s impossible, but now I know, also Humans are a little impregnated by nature ;) Believe me, you do not recognize it, it looks and feels perfectly fine!

So how do you do it?

  • Stop using shampoo or any other soap for your hair and stay strong! I had some reversions and had to start from over. How long does it take? That totally depends on so much: your diet, how much you tortured your scalp before, just personal things, who knows.. Some people say 4 weeks, some say three month. I actually do not know, cause I had these reversions over a year.. I just realized suddenly that everything is fine..

  • It helps to brush your hair a looooot at the transition time to help the sedum spread everywhere. Your scalp will first be a little pissy and produce “to much” in your opinion, but as soon as the natural oiliness is restored that stops and you are as soft and sweet as a kittycat ♡

  • If you have a hart time with your scalp than blend some fresh Aloe Vera and massage it on your head. Rinse it out, than do the same with lemon juice in water and rinse again with not to warm water.

That’s all :-) Less money for shampoo, less time to dry your hair, less plastic trash from the shampoo bottles and so on. Enjoy! :)

Extra nature tip:
When we have been in deep nature I was always happy about earth, clay or sand. I just used it as I would use shampoo, rinse it out very well and I’ll tell you… this is just the best feeling. Clay alone might make the hair a little dry, I prefer earth with a lot of sand :-) Unbelievable soft and clean ♡

What about cremes for the face, lips and so on.

Same like the scalp - If you stop putting something on your skin, it will eventually be “too dry” in the beginning but TRUST..This will balance itself. Help your skin by eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and use some coconut oil or fresh Aloe Vera in the transition time.

The mouth:

An interesting topic. I can just tell you from my point of view since I am eating raw.

  • no bad breath (even in the morning)
  • teeth are smooth sometimes for days without brushing
  • yes, I do not have to brush them every day
  • no dentist necessary since four years (before multiple times a year)
  • no need for any toothpaste

Make your own toothpaste - avoid chemicals and plastic waste.


  • Xylit (birch sugar)
  • Coconut oil (very nice)
  • Licorice root
  • Miswak root

In my washing program there is also no need for deodorant or any soap for my body.

Deodorant is often with aluminium, a first class health destroyer and environment polluter..

People use coconut oil instead. I don’t use anything.. The raw food diet makes it possible and probably my natural hair. If you stop using deodorant your body might first detox through this area.. be strong and you will see this disappears and you can finally be free from poisoning your body effectively.

Soap… well.. people tend to say that soap is very hygienic. I think thats a big mistake!
Soap will remove your healthy balance of microbes on your skin. people feel “clean” but actually just killed a part of their life system. Steril means dead! Illnesses do not come from bad bacteria alone, you have to provide the right milieu for them.. sour or alkalic, and one group of bacteria or another will settle and survive there. With a raw vegan diet you will be alkalic in general, so you have millions of little fairy-microbes, participating in your life system, making it better, complete it and even protect you from those little fellas, that don’t belong on your body. Do not be afraid of microbes, they are our friends and we need them badly to be a complete human being. We are not meant to be separated from nature and we surely should not try to be…
That ends in illness.. physically and mentally.

So just rinse your body and hands with clear water, if there is something sticky use some sand and rub a bit. Thats enough and soon you will feel a big “thank you” from your body, believe me!

Also do not use any sunscreen. This stuff even fills your skin with more chemicals than bad nutrition. These chemicals will kind of bake in your body and cause the red irritation you call sunburn. I travelled the summertime with a bike from Germany to Spain and am now living really close to the equator and all I use is my good sense, leave the sun when I feel it is to hot, practice a clean and healthy diet and have a capy for my sensitive facial skin :-) It works perfectly fine!

Dry or oily skin:
if you have dry or oily skin you want to make sure to eat better and to drink more, good water or eat more juicy, organic fruits.
I know it is hard but you want to teach your skin to help itself. You can first use some aloe vera or coconut oil, even the juice of the fruits you eat. Cutting a mango can be a mess.. whats left on your hands you can just put on your face. Sticky? Yes but gooooooood ♡ and also the stickiness goes away :)
But really… the goal is to have a skin that does not need any help anymore. It will be dryer or oilier in the beginning but than it learns “well nothing is coming to help me out, I have to function by myself”.. the best you can do is support it with a good diet, a lot of sunlight and air!! We are way to less naked, but we should be :)

Clean food, clean skin.
soft skin
I am 28 years old and I feel like getting younger every day.

Before you are now getting a complete wild person, always remember: what doesn’t smell good definitely wants to be washed off, like poop or other things that the body obviously wants to eliminate.

Water is our friend ♡

To naturally clean your booty, some leaves are very nice but even better is having a little water and a small towel with you.. first time touching your darkest part of the body? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it ;)

Before I forget: The best position to poo is squatting and not sitting on the toilet like on a chair. Thats the healthy position and is also the best to clean yourself with water :)

The lady parts are also willing to eliminate something once a month. How to deal with the blood?

First of all - It is an excellent fertilizer for plants :D
Many conscious women lately decide to use a ladycup/mooncup to avoid pesticide cotton and producing a lot of waste.
I don’t know but I figured not to put any kind of artificial plastic inside my body.. I do not care for stickers on the packaging saying “save, proven” or whatever. And then I recently read about my personal miracle.
Most women on this planet really wonder why we first world women have to help ourselves with tools. They learned to control it, like urinating. There are muscles that will hold the blood and the female body is able to feel, if the uterus is full of blood, to hold it and get rid of it controlled..This is just amazing and I will learn that! :-)

As you guess I also do not use perfume, neither does Can. It is a big benefit to be able to smell the other persons natural scent.. you would not believe a healthy body’s aromas.. Its like sugar, like a rose, often like cookies.. it is so tantalizing and yummy!

Just be, wash yourself and your clothes with water and a little friction even the tableware.. Rawfood is not very sticky and doesn’t need any soap to be removed from the plates.

We hope to inspire you for our easy, happy and healthy lifestyle!
Do you have any questions? Leave a comment or write us :-)

be loved my friends ♡

Friends, there is a new article answering your questions about washing the hair only with water, you find it here.

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