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The non existing country

Worst word of the day: serpentines.
They showed up suddenly, when we arrived the Pyrenees. Much earlier than we expected. They seemed to be pretty far away yesterday. So it’s not like “bypass the mountains on the coast.” Car drivers and racing cyclists had the pleasure to see two fully loaded foreigners torture themselves uphill, without those sponsors patched onesies, but surely with a more embarrassing mien. If it’s possible to overbid these form fitting suits. Haha.

We made it. Thanks to our “mind over matter” mentality. Here’s what we got in return:

“Come on, just one more 90° pitch and we should see it.” Our next border on our round the world trip. We are excited. Only 500 meters but no border to see. It’s right behind the top of the hill. Breathing, breathing, breeeeeathing.

Oh..that’s not glamorous. No flags or anything, like in France. But who cares. We’re just interested in DOWNHILL..

Our french will wait for the second use, when we return to france :) Now let’s see the next country’s adventures. From Nelly, where we got really good Rawtatouille (read ”Oh don’t stop”), we learned to ask for second choice fruit in spanish.. Absolutely helpful. Thank you ♡

Last pictures from the south of france:

At the beginning we drive through pretty small, dull villages. It’s a big contrast to the villages on the other side of the hill, in france. Closed stores and closed shutters everywhere. The inhabitants seem to feel dependend from the tourists and their money, instead of realizing, that they could grow amazing stuff here. But to each his own.

We, for example, found “our own”. Cherimoyas

The weather gets warmer so we enjoy the beaches and the people who become more and more relaxed. Two times we got asked to explain what we’re doing by the police. But we where handsome as every time, so they where handsome, too ;)

There are also some challenges. Let’s continue with part two of “we are able to have problems”: The ground gets stony, or skewed. On the big roads we have to take we only find hills, villages or fields that belong to somebody who’s home is not to identify and who’s allowed to shoot here ;)

So we cannot find good places for the tent and near the coast the mosquitos are absolutely hungry. We still love our hammock though it couldn’t protect us from dotted patterns on the faces and hands.

We pass by big olive plantations. Monoculture everywhere. It’s hard to find good olive trees. And more worse it’s hard to find any good fruits here. We never ate that bad fruit and that shocks us, cause we’re in south europe!

All the good stuff seems to be exported to more wealthy countries. That makes us sad but we still hope for food salvation at the ecovillages in these areas. Whats available here is the flavor of urinal puck, washing powder and, if you’re lucky, the gorgeous taste of nothing.

Oh and what about the “slowly getting used to everything like weather and water” ? Jen had the pleasure to enjoy some days of stomachache because of the chloride in the tap water. For real! Only stomachache, we would tell you about diarrhea! ;)

So we started to buy some water for Jen. From which gangster company would you like to obtain your water, please? CocaCola, Danone or Nestlé? -.- Some of the cheapest waters seem to be independent.. who knows. At least they don’t taste like plastic-rasps, like the tap water does. Cheers!

The north of the country has prepared some presents for us. Such as the little town Girona. We decided to drive through Girona wich is more interior. Why we left the coast? No Idea, ask our life. In Girona we meet two great souls. And where did we met them? In a raw food-restaurant. Oh what a lucky coincidence. We did NOT go to Girona, because there is a raw food restaurant. We didn’t know it. We just found it in Girona and those two souls, Sergi and Clara managed the restaurant.

We found new friends, ate a lot of tasty gourmet raw food and where allowed to sleep at the Yoga room after the dinner. We helped preparing and shared a lot of knowledge. Here’s the most interesting part: We are not in Spain, yet.. This here is “Catalunya”. Catalunya was an own country 300 years ago and was completely taken in by Spain. But the catalonian people still want to be independent. There are Flags everywhere and a lot of peaceful demonstrations. And they DO have a lot of points. The culture, the mentality and even the language is different from the spanish one. Maybe THATS the reason why we didn’t feel like we’re in Spain. You really can see, hear and feel the difference. So we put Catalunya as an own country on out trip list :)

Full and happy we leave Girona. Our heart is more heavy now, because Sergi and Clara have a place there and cause we have to say goodbye so fast. Thank you! ♡

On our way to Barcelona, the capital of Catalunya, we find some wild carob. Oh you tasty chocolate bar from the nature. It’s growing here everywhere.

In Barcelona, we are still dreaming of the gourmet raw food, so we prepare a great raw vegan lasagne for our Warmshowers host Oriol. Mhh..perfect. You can find the recipe from our good friend Rawger on his website www.rawger-arohma.com and maybe use google translator.

Unfortunately we can only stay for two days and so life is pushing us south constantly. We just got a little impression of Barcelona while we organized a new rain cover for the guitar.

We saw the amazing architecture from Gaudi and walked through the biggest market “la Boqueria” here.

Depends on your point of view. This market could be a fulfilling sight of ripe fruits, sugar sweets, chocolate creations and superb appetite stimulating decorations of the dragon fruit and figs. Or it is the scene of a bloodthirsty massacre. Big crabs die with foam at their mouth. Facing backwards on other fellow species, that contort theyrselfs. Scared lobsters twitch on the crushed ice, their hands glued together. Next to the dried fruits and nuts, someone gets executed and there is a colon in the refrigerated counter. Carefully cleaned you can see the lamellar of the pale deathwhite flesh. An enormous tongue and an even more bigger heart are waiting to be selled and the residual blood in the gyri of the brain makes them perfectly visible. Two brains in a plastic box to go. Whats wrong with mankind? What a weird planet.

We don’t have photos of this market. Maybe thats better.

Not only the country Catalunya is not existing. Also Couchsurfs and Warmshowers are missing. So we sleep at the beaches, what exposes to be pretty awesome.

To have something for the bike-category: We fixed Can’s handlebar bag. It wasn’t strong enough to hold the GPS, so we stabilized it with something we found on our way :) Yey, self-made ♡

It’s October and we still swim in the sea and let the warm sun shine on our hair, that gets brighter from the salty sea and the lemon, we wash our hair with. (Often only water)

Suddenly as the Pyrenees there appears the next border.. okay, it wash’t a border, we just saw, that the street signs are written in spanish now.. so Catalunya is over. And oh yeah, Spain is a new chapter. We roll in to some small villages where they party something. We don’t know why, but we got awesome tomatoes for free :D

Another holiday feeling took place at the beginning of Valencia. We have a Warmshowers host there and arrive at a dark hour. The city sparkles and the warm air at night really feels like you’re just leaving the plane to start your holiday in spain. Wow. We love it.

It was the foretaste for our hosts. THEY are amazing people. Jorge and Gemma invite us to dinner, in their big flat with a roof terrace, our own room and bathroom.

We have a lot of time for us, make Valencia-tours with them and have a lot of fun. But something is scary.. Some days ago, Jen wished for a big mirror room, cause she wants to bellydance again, she’s missing it. And Can wishes for somebody who can help us with the shifting problems with Sam and Suzy.. So we have both now. Gemma takes Bellydance lessons and Jorge owns a bike-shop called Bike Center. So the girls go dancing and the boys are repairing the bikes. Oh what a glorious life…. Would you believe this? Sometimes we ask ourselves if this is a big dream :D

VIDEO: Jen goes bellydancing

Jorge and Gemma are no english experts but we have a lot of fun with them! Whe commuticate with hands and noises, that you wouldn’t believe :D Haha We also try to learn the language from each other.. Jorge did a jod job as teacher, we failed ;D

In Valencia we learn that the pakistani shops have the good fruits.. That’s a life saver! Until now we always went to a supermarket called Mercadona, cause it’s the only one with tasty Cherimoyas. But you are infected, when you enter those markets.. they have the devil himself as marketing manager. This is the most brainwashing slogan ever.. Everybody’s mumbling it here:

One million pictures (in fact it’s just 167) and a lot of videos want to be seen by you. You can’t imagine how much longer the last two blogposts could have been. Haha.

So, we’re fine and wait for the winter to show us how warm these month can be and we also can’t wait to meet our ecovillage hosts and other engagements in Spain.

AHUH. (thats what you say for “ciao” here in Valencia. Sounds like they think they are from Sparta)

So, AHUH beloved,
Can and Jen’

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