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Never will I ever make a pun with "raw" - The raw food article from HappyGaia 1/2

Rawfood? I always have been thinking of that pinkish liquid coming out of a raw, naked chicken..

This is how my rawfood journey began. With a glorious chin retraction, pushing together the eyebrows and giving my mother, who was totally into the rawfood thing, a look of disgust that made her give me one of her rawfood books.
I never liked reading..
The book got dusty on my microwave…

You’ve been asking me for a rawfood article a lot and I am willing to write about my own experience and answer the most frequent question, how I made the transition :) This article will NOT be or replace a full nutrition course. I will take you with me on my own journey so you can take out inspiring moments and ideas for your own path ♡ Alright, let’s go:

What my mom said, about the gorilla, that only eats raw and vegan and is so strong, made me think a lot .. and I tried to eat raw for a whole day.. which ended in pizza and ice cream and my life went on.

Some years later, i just worked at the callcenter, my mom reaches out to me:

„Hey I want to make that nutritionist school and I would pay you the course, so we can learn together“… this got my usual chin retraction reaction and I was focusing on the next incoming call.. and I was waiting..and waiting.. and.. OH MY GOD..YES MOM! Please, that’s awesome, when does is start?

The first day at the nutritionist school:

The room is full of pretty alternative appearing ladys. You know.. big wooden pearl jewelry, a lot of purple and natural materials in clothes and everybody seems to know too much already about wheat grass and such. I must have been a colorful clown for them with one side of my hair painted bright orange and the other one dark brown cherry color and well, they used to call me their paradise bird ^^ Under my emo hair there was a brain that choose to eat a normal diet, the pizza, chocolate, pasta one..you know that. And well, this brain got an intense cleaning from Petra, my Nutrition teacher.. the most intense I ever had.

42 degree celsius, protein, enzymes..

I was really good in chemistry at school and what she was just about to tell me in the first day caught my attention. The group then prepared a raw vegan meal together. It was zucchini noodles with tomato sauce and I was shooked by the perfectness of this meal.. This is it! Never will I ever eat one damn cooked thing! And so it was (Almost. Because I needed to learn, that not everything that seems raw, is actually raw, but I meant it) Since that day I had to realize that not everybody is able to do it this way but after learning in the nutritionist school I managed to make some more better eating people and rawfoodists :) Yay!

For me it was just too easy.. it was like a switch in my head and I wasn’t even able to smell cooked food. For me it looks so gooy and colorless and like… well.. and it often smells like dog food for me… I am BLESSED of cause, because its not hard for me to eat raw. I DO have remembering of yummy stuff and I am a very creative person, so I just prepare the same in a rawvegan version.

If you want to learn how to make a lot of yummy rawvegan recipies, just keep on trying them out. The internet is full of rawfood inspiration, here is some of them:


Rawfood blogs and websites:

Additionally, of cause raw fruits and greens are the most healthiest you can do to your body. Just find some inspiration on Instagram or in Facebook groups :) Nothing comes without your effort to know more about it. Search for it, read raw food books, try out recipes. There is no rawfood god coming down feeding you.. YOU have to do this, to learn new things and everything :) There is no excuse.. If you say, it’s hard, it is because you’re lazy about it and you don’t really want it. I’m sorry, but thats the truth. Because really? It’s SO easy. It’s the easiest way to eat I can imagine.

There might be challenges in getting good fruits and veggies in your hometown. But even then there is always possibilities and .. if you really want it, you can also create a new life, move, do something but complaining!

Buy a lot of unripe fruits, so they can ripen at home, and buy unripe fruits again. Don’t just say „ all the bananas are greeeeen :( Another option is to make friendships with farmers around you and not contributing to import products, so the planet isn’t even more suffering from the first world countries hunger.. You could buy an apple instead of a banana, if you live in a temperate climate. They should be ripe :) I am just joking around. I recently read this green banana problem and I was just.. well.. there is always a way. I think if you are getting into rawfood it’s beautiful to learn about and try tropical fruits! In long term, that might not be a noble life style, but in the beginning of rawfood it can be hard to only eat regional in temperate climates..

As you know, we made the decision of going to and living in a country where the fruits grow that we love and we will also create fruit forest gardens to be self-sufficient on food :) Another interesting life choice for you maybe ;D

Let’s go back to the rawfood nutrition.

A lot of people ask me, how I did the transition to rawfood.
I was lucky to be able to eat rawfood all day long in the nutrition school and I just never returned to cooked food.
What helped me a lot was the detoxifying fruit „Cassia Fistula“. (You can order that fruit form Orkos and drink a lot of water in the morning. I had some serious detoxifications over a hand full of years.
The very first and important, also most efficient way of change is skipping the bad things and replacing them with good stuff just step by step
Take a look at all the colorful inspiration recipes on the internet and simply try some of them. and another one.. and the next day another one.. and one day you look back and you know so much about raw food, how to prepare it, what you like, what combines best for you … it’s life, it takes time.. just begin somewhere :)

Detox reactions:

There are usually quite strong detoxification symptoms when people change their diet. It’s like a ball you are pushing under water.. once you take away the influence of your hand (the bad food) the ball pops up very fast. And so does your body. The body usually reacts with an overall cleaning and dumps out all the trash you collected over the years.. maybe decades.. Yes you can support your body, by doing sports, drinking a lot of good water, high mineral and vitamin intake and mind work but there is also a high chance that you will have to see your consequences and walk around with pimples, body smell, diarrhea, and other symptoms. They go away!!! It’s what you WANT to happen. Some people also loose substance and loose weight. Me and some rawfood friends of mine did that too.. But look at me now.. I am a good hand full of woman, I didn’t change anything in my rawfood diet :)

You can think about this process pretty much the same as a house renovation. The old thing will be taken down, it’s a mess. walls crash, dust everywhere… it looks terrible.. This is what happens inside your body.. It’s like „oh we get better materials guys, let’s make a new body… and it begins! :D

I have been embracing the detoxifications and I also have been doing it on every level.. I cleaned my relationships, sorted out people in my live, that don’t make me happy, I forgave, I asked for forgiveness, I learned about the world, I practiced spiritual paths, I watched endless TED talks and quantum physics videos to understand the structure of existence and I have been sleeping a LOT

You might intuitively want to let go of bad habits, let go of chemicals in your cosmetics and plastics in your life, replace it with natural things, wooden stuff.. whatever :)
For me personally it was even so deep that I quit my job, went to Thailand, came back, decided to go on a round the world trip and met my lovely Can to do so :)
So, what does a rawfood day look like?

Three examples of our life:

In the beginning of the day I have been eating a bunch of sapote and a piece of watermelon. For dinner, we invited a peruvian friend to make rawvegan sushi with hot mango sauce to dip, a lot of it ^^ We then made a chocolate cream on bananas and in the evening we ate all the rests. Thats an example of a pretty luxurious day.

2. example:

woke up, drank a lot of water, nurtured my body in the sunlight, ate a watermelon. a litte later, 30 little fat palm fruits, called aguaje, very very healthy and yummy, middle of the day made a colorful fresh mixed salad and in the evening shoving in many many mandarins :)

3. example:

In the morning - a banana almond milk smoothie and a mixed fruit bowl, For lunch a badass guacamole wrapped in salad and for dessert some juicy pineapple. In the evening a light tomato oregano soup with rawfood linseed crackers and some sort of fruit as a dessert, because I like it sweet in my mouth :D

There are also days, where we eat far less,, there are days where we eat more and more gourmet rawfood, and there are days, where we just pick a fruit or veggie out of the boxes and eat them, while doing something else.. all day long we have some food in our hands ^^

I want to show you by this, that we do not have a specific plan on how and what rawfood we eat
I am now eating 6 years only rawvegan without any special plan and I feel amazing!
I often see, that people are interested in rawfood, because they see others on the internet being healthy and beautiful and happy with this diet.
I think the explanation, why rawfood, why it works, is underrepresented, and so I hope to give you a glimpse of what I learned at the nutritional school :)
On your rawfood journey there will be much more information.

Please find the time to read some splendid rawfood books. i recommend beginner books like „The Sun Diet“ from David Wolfe and all Books from Markus Rothkranz. They are funny and easy to read :)

Why Raw.. or What’s bad about cooking?

You might have noticed, that, when you cook things, they change their structure. A very good example is the egg white, that turns from slimy transparent to hard and white.
This is happening with ALL proteins, if you heat them up over 42 degree celius. This is also the reason why fever over 42° is dangerous for people.. so heating up your food, is literally eating fever.
The chemical substances kind of melt and crack and your enzymes cannot recognize them anymore.. they try to break it down and you are kind of living anyway.. but it’s not optimal and it isdict producing a lot of waste in your digestive system.
Carbohydrates also kind of bake into unpredictable chemical experiments and contain a lot of derivates of their own bakedness after heating them up. All these substances are NOT food. It’s artificial stuff swimming around your body and it is doing harm. A lot of them are also very addictive ;)

Raw food is vibrant and „living“ food and nurtures your cells, fits the bodys system and gives us back the strength of wild animals immune systems ;) It’s what nature gives us as food and it’s so delicious!

In the next article, I will tell you more about how we live our rawvegan live these days about illnesses and tricky phases and our goals :)
Please tell us wich photo you like and from wich meal you would love to see a recipe! :D

Just write us, wich one you want to make on your own by mailing us the picture description

Also see the recipes we already posted

We hope you enjoyed our rawfood article :) If you liked it and want to give something back, we are happy about any donation for our project of a self sustainable vegan settlement in magical Perú ♡ Thank you

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Hugs from the rainforest!
Can and Jen

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