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Tie your hair without hair tie

As Podcast:I'm reading this article:

Tie your hair without hair tie if its longer than short.

We freed ourselves again. This time from our hair sticks.

On the one hand, they were pretty cool of course, because they are made of wood, giving us a natural way of getting the hair out of our face and also we have been carving them ourselves. It was easier than a spoon and after a while these great hair sticks came out of it.

This is pretty nice for a while, until you are tired after a few weeks, that the same place on the head is constantly squashed from the hair stick and always the same or similar support strands are pulled a bit. Our scalps started hurting at some point… It would have been okay IF there wouldn’t have been the cuddle problem. The sticks at the back of the head have been training Can and me to hug with our heads much further away from each other than you usually do, so you do not sting out your eyes! Also sudden cuddly attacks from behind or surprising neck kisses now needed a previous megaphone announcement and that, of course, has killed the mood. The more we are now happy to have a really cool solution.

After diligently experimenting, failing, despairing and just a few half-good methods, our friend Viktor turned to the all mighty internet (yes, no one ever had this idea before xD) and he came back believing in the YouTube wisdom to bless us with his insights. Since then we have adapted, improved, sorted out, evaluated and tested the methods…


Really… tie your own hair with itself firmly and securely, knot-free and healthy and without ANY aid… This is just how we like it and of course it’s worth sharing with you here.

Let there be less plastic waste, broken rubber hair bands, 1-dollar-shop crap consumption, brittle plastic clips or other small shitty parts and may the earth be able to smile again!

Okay, so let’s practice and see how the hair tie methods work

In the following video I am reading this article in the beginning, so it is already set to the minute the tutorial starts.

Pass it on!! And enjoy the lightness of being in harmony with yourself! There is still so much to learn, we love it!

Sometimes we are going for other methods to keep the hair out of the face or we also enjoy them lose <3

As I was able to experience in the last weeks, you are very, very diligent in sharing. I have been posting a reminder to our booming article „the natural way to clean yourself“ and how absolutely enchanted I am of how many people implement it in Germany and worldwide… I asked a couple of my friends if they would also send me photos of their natural hair et voilá, I can count on them!! If you see this and your hair is beautiful even without shampoo and you feel like being in the inspirational gallery, then please send us a picture with the explicit permission to use it on our website and how you clean your hair the very natural, chemical free way (best would be #nopoo, only water, but other edible stuff that won’t pollute water in nature is cool, too). Email us at hellogaiama@gmail.com.

I’m in love, THANK YOU to everyone who participated, and everyone who’s on their way and keep going. Drop by drop we can make the water and Gaia happy again.

GaiAmagical love from Perú
Can & Sascha

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