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Two creators (and a hippo) in wonderland

Everything is good for something and so we met some great people on our way to the theme park in Soltau. With this people we realy found wonderland.

Some kilometers before we got again so many free fruits from supermarkets in Uelzen. Also a surprising invitation to have a place to sleep (thank you Rita and Joern) Â and a rainy tour that we finished with visiting the Hundertwasser trainstation.

(Watch Video)

The next day we drive to our vegan Couchsurf Andrej.

It turned out as a new beginning of our journey.Â

After a few minutes the three of us realize that we know each other. We really lived with this guy before. Where ever. It feels like family.

He’s introducing us to his friends Kamil and Thomas. Thomas has a big garden where he grows his own food. What a magic place.

Since one week everyday gives us new discoveries. About gardening, politics, spiritual or even humorous..we collect herbs, play in acrobatic ways, sleep as long as we want and make delicious raw food dinners.

We learn from them, they learn from us. It’s a wonderful time. We walk in Amazonas-like forests, are bathing in the lake and drinking spring water.

Be loved,
Can and Jen

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