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Dear friends- I don’t wear underwear. I don’t do that cause it’s absolutely trendy or “so sexy”, I do that because I love my body and wish the best for the two of us.

In the year 2012, I read:

“Wearing trousers especially if they are to tight and block the airflow between the legs, can be bad for the intimite health.

So this is how you don’t do it! ;-)

Dresses and skirts would be much better. A young, female gynecologist sais: From a medical point of view, a rennaissance of wide flourishing skirts would be the best.”

Although these words impressed me, I decided to continue to wear my polyester panties for a while. When I started the round the world trip with Can and got rid of the bra (more about this in my article)
I remembered the book and decided to be without airflow-blocking panties from now on. How unpleasant that was… for about an hour ;)
Now I feel unpleasant if I DO wear a pantie, what happens if I’m in my strawberry-week.

What did change without panties?
Well, to be honest, there was a lot of change already, when I turned raw-vegan. But it’s still very comfortable to live without narrowing panties. There is one layer less to pull down if you have to go to the toilet and also one layer less to wash ;) Hehe. And just imagine the amount of money you will save. Nobody has just one pair of bra and panties. No. And not the first pair of your live. There have to be some to be lazy, some normal, some nice, some sexy and so on. Withouth those you save a lot of money :)

Through beeing naked under my main clothing, my womb feels well supplied with blood and also well aired.

I feel myself more intense, like when you get rid of your shoes and socks and walk barefood. I’m a bit more in contact with the world, I am a bit more lucent in a positive way. Like walking barefood, the world seems to be near and more real. It makes fun-loving.. hard to describe :)

A word for the feminine health:
The diet plays a big role. Many women have problems with fungal infection, effluence, itchiness, heavy mood swings and so on.

Fungi eats sugar. That’s why kombucha grows if you feed it with sugar and fungi appears on your toes, when you eat to much blue-colored candy. My feet where horrible.. 21 years old and so disgusting, I thought about myself.. The diet change changed my life in some days.. My skin was healed. (Fruit sugar is not bad.. please write me a mail, if you have any questions about a healthy diet.)

You can be sure, every long-term female rawfoodist will confirm, that their “flower” deserves this name. Normally the smell between a womans legs is described as “fishy”, while the bodys of female (and male) rawfoodists will only have teasingly fragrances.
That’s so nice ;D

You might wanna check if you use the tampons with the turqoise colored strap. I made the experience that this color is bad for the mucosa. Try to find organic tampons. Also be aware of what you put “into you”. The mucosa is an absorbing organ. It even absorbs energies.. So think twice what you let in.
It might be better not to carry around some men’s energy and tampons inside of you. I think we should listen to our bodys and stop doing anything once a month. Be near to water, so we can clean ourselves and so on. But that needs a big conciousness shift..

With a healthy diet and lifestyle you will also gain ballance in your emotional live and be able to welcome the normal waves of being a woman.

We can be happy, that more and more people begin to understand the true nature of the female energy.
If you have any questions about all these topics, write me an email.

Love to you and special thanks to my Can for appreciating my female energy ♡

Edit: By now there is a new article that completes this one, called ”A true story“.


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