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Juli 18, 2018

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I hear colors

The first time I was confronted with the fact that not everyone does hear colors was with my piano teacher. I always said stuff like „I want to be better at the blue part“ or „these tiny, yellow notes are to fast for me“. One day she came back with an article about synesthetic people and I learned, that this is not how the majority of the world perceives things. Until today it is very very hard for me to understand, that for most people, a number does NOT have a certain color… I still think people are lying to me. Haha ^^ Me and many other synesthetic people often have a harder time in school calculating, because our colors do not match up with what math says… My 2+2 is brown… but my 4 is yellow… But on the other hand it helps me to remember more stuff in general. I never needed to read the music from the paper to play very long songs. It was a preset choreography of colors in my head that I just needed to follow. Although it’s a relatively small part of people who have it, I am sure some of you do :D Who is it ???

Juli 13, 2018

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Living without four seasons

We do have a rainy season here, which brings rain almost every night (very nice) and is a bit warmer. On the other hand, when it’s summer in the north of the planet, we do have the „dry season“ where it’s just sometimes raining. In this time, it can get a bit chilly sometimes. But rain never stops. The rainforest is creating its own rain. It’s always green and lush and deep in the forest, fungi is sitting on the set wood all over the jungle, to remind the fallen trunks, that they have to become earth again. Back to the cycle. This is Reishi. In Asia and here in Perú, people use it to cure a lot of stuff and its said to even heal radiation disease. Perú is also one of the countries with the most micro climates in the world.. This is why you can have bananas from Perú AND plums from Perú, too. And additionally enjoy those brilliant colors.. uhh.

Juli 11, 2018

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We are making fermented food as a source of b12 and german culture xD We just cut the cabbage, or pepper bell, cucumber, onions, tomatos and more in thin slices or little cubes, sprinkle salt on it and massage until the vegetable juice comes out. Then we simply stuff the mixture in jars, close them, and make sure they are stored in a way, so the juice that will run out of it due to the pressure, is not a problem. In the tropical warmth, we just have to wait at least 3 days, until it is ready to eat :D YUM!

Oh how we love vegetable CURRY in all it’s forms. We love to eat it with avocado or coconut rice. We’ll make a video to show you how to prepare these easy recipes. If you understand german, you can already see the video, but the pictures say it all anyway ;D

Juli 5, 2018

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Did you know I’m full of stars? :) For every little kissy on the cheek I got from people as a child I developed a star, it seems. I want to inspire you to share your stars, shapes, marks and colors more relaxed and OWN the shit out of it. I always tent to hide this spacey side of my face automatically in videos or photos since I am little and I want to consciously change that! That’s my challenge for sure. If you feel this is a good day to cultivate vulnerability, then share you stars or scars, stories or whatever pattern is making your body unique with me. I’m excited to get to know you all better <3

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Juli 4, 2018

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Still the best wallpaper for my desktop. Timeless - „the kiss“ <3 In person we often get questions about how we manage to be happy together. Of cause, that’s not something I will be able to write about in a few lines, but one thing is clear - We have been very happy and in peace with ourselves BEFORE we met. That’s the main ingredient. We just choose to be nice to each other as good as we can. It made us plan a round the world trip after 3 days knowing each other - going on the journey 3 month later. It makes us travel eleven countries together and it makes us surprise each other from time to time. it makes us look at ourself, when we feel something is out of balance, and adjust within ourselves, before we reach out the other one. Or while we reach out in hope of an enlightening conversation. COMMUNICATION in key, and every day, we learn more about ourselves. We are two whole beings, complementing each other in respect and honor. I see many of you already with wonderful partners, it makes my heart happy and I hope we will be a generation ( all of us who are alive right now) that will set a light of love and set loving examples of relationships, so upcoming generations will have an even more relaxed feeling towards partnership, love, sexuality… Everyone of us that heals their own heart and soul, will have done a great work for those who are about to wander on this earth in this life. At GaiAma, we are excited to learn and live with the art of nonviolent communication, which, in my eyes, is just a tool to develop kindness, heal your wounds, learn more about yourself and practice honesty, integrity and compassion. I have quite a big mouth, so to say and a rough humor, and I love to find a good equilibrium of honest, funny and kind communication. So if you are already familiar with the topic, you probably won’t see me „experting around“ haha ;D Wish you a good day loved ones <3 Stay true.

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Jewels of the jungle Mhhh, I still can’t believe how freakishly beautiful the dance of the sunlight and the forest is. Jewels everywhere! I love when the sun highlights some leaves , shines through the dense canopy or makes the water shine blue and turquoise. Even here we can feel the impact of deforestation in the andes or the amazon basin. Just one clearcut on a hill, will make a difference some valleys below. If there is no trees anymore, the rainwater will not be soaked into the wood, but will run down the hill, take sand and earth with it, and might even flood the lower areas. I don’t give up hope that more and more people will realize that their actions do have consequences… Please let’s all learn how to properly live in harmony with nature <3 (start with yourself, eat better, free of animal cruelty, local, organic… learn about permaculture, natural hygiene and minimalism. You can learn more about that on our website GaiAma.org)

It’s just the shell, no bug life in there anymore, but it’s beautiful for sure. The Amazon wildlife is crazy colourful and shaped in all unimaginable forms. If you would want to live here, you’ll have to seriously get rid of any fear of insects/ fairies :) They are huge and they hang around everywhere. This one sadly choose a Motor to settle in. Probably because it was warm… His legs are even longer that you can see here, because they broke, when we got him out of the motor. His world is about to get smaller and I remembered this very sad german song, where a bug didn’t get asked if he would be okay with a street going through his forest… O.O (Karl der Käfer wurde nicht gefragt)

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Juli 3, 2018

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An amazonian evening and we are thankful for the river, cleaning our bodies and our hair. Who else is washing their hair only with water or only with natural cleaning methods… Please let me know, I’m so interested in your ways and experiences!

It’s hard to even grasp the beauty of nature and how clear and crystalline the water underneath me is. Although this river comes from the mountains and is formed by smaller streams that will probably take a few agrochemicals with them, it’s still one of the last big rivers on earth that are at last very clean… Isn’t that sad my friends…? Please remember with me our article about natural hygiene ( link in bio) and share those ideas and inspirations with more and more people :)

I am pouring the fresh water over mom’s hair. We are only washing our hair with pure water… Me and Can are laying down in the river, holding ourselves on one of the stones with our legs and let the stream of water wash our hair and body. Sometimes I grab a little sand and rub it onto my scalp, but mostly I’m just rubbing the head a bit with my fingers. When I’m floating like this, my ears are under water and hear the sound of the river while my eyes are open to see the canopy of the big rainforest tree, which I am sitting in front of, some pictures before… It’s wellness for my whole being.

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