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Health and illness as a raw vegan - Part 2 of our rawfood article

(note that we are not giving you any medical advice and you are responsible for what you apply and to seek professional advise)

Hey guys ♡ Thank you for your wonderful feedback to our first rawfood article.
As we have been promising, there is some more stuff, we want to talk about regarding the raw vegan lifestyle, so here we go:

Many people will go crazy at the fist sign of an illness, pain or skin issues or long lasting fatigue or whatever.. nobody ever believes it will go away without putting in effort or cremes or medicine and many people who are into healthy food will hysterically change something in their diet. But it’s not ALL about the diet friends!
I tell you something.. it DOES go away without changing your already nice raw vegan diet. It was NOT the third banana yesterday, or the bad combination of melon and guacamole the day before..
I am living six years completely raw vegan and I don’t give a damn shit about what raw food I eat and how I combine it.. well.. I used to.. but I learned that it doesen’t matter AS much. It does.. but it’s not the end of the world, if you don’t follow the „rules“

Let’s spread some raw food picture:

And yes, I had phases of tiredness, I had symptoms, baaad ones, which others would call serious illnesses, and I cured them all by simply giving my body a good base of any raw food, so the immune system is strong as fuck and by giving my body respect and trust for what he is doing. My body is also the only one of us, that knows how to repair a cut in the skin… I have no freakin’ idea how to do this but he does, so I trust him with bigger issues, too, because I don’t distract him anymore with toxic food habits and I also give him something very important, when it comes to symptoms: TIME
You surely have to create yourself a life, in which this is possible, but let’s say you have..

Going completely raw is a deep and lasting life decision and it’s so worth it in my eyes :)
Don’t be afraid of „mistakes“ you can make or nutritional facts.. really.. if you just eat all those fruits and veggies which are in all the recipes.. HOW… can you possibly not get all the nutrition you need.. you are probably eating way, WAY more excellent building material for your cells then ever :)

Regarding B12, we, personally do NOT supplement it, because we are living in a quite natural environment, we are in contact with soil and bacteria and do not use any kind of soap.

In my eyes, you don’t need to worry about the right balance, fat, fruit sugar, proteins.. it comes with the time and your APPETITE will become the best nutritionist you will ever find. There are so many new people you will talk to if you dive into the raw food world. Just go with the flow and live your own way. Just a raw vegan diet, no matter wich type, is a BIG BIG win for your life :)
Prepare your mind to get blown and to experience big cleansings of the body in the next few years. It comes in waves, not all at once :) That’s okay, you are okay, your body is okay and your maybe messy raw food diet is okay too in my experience.

Aaand, some more pictures.

I hear people saying a raw vegan diet is not possible over many years, people will get sick.. well.. listen.. Yes, people do get sick for fucks sake, but that has nothing to do with the diet because you know what, people also get sick with another diet and another diet xD illnesses do not only come from what you eat or don’t eat. That’s a big misunderstanding in the world of nutrition researchers in my eyes. Nevertheless, the diet is your basis.. of yourself, your body and your immune system.. so how you deal with stress, potentially ill making influences and so on DOES have to do with your diet, but it’s not making you bulletproof, that’s for sure. If you keep that in mind, you can overcome phases of anything bad in your life without panically asking yourself, if you should change your wonderful raw vegan diet ;)

To understand how we handle „illness“, even bigger issues, please watch the following documentation and prepare to be amazed. On the YouTube Video, in the bootm right corner, you can switch on the english subtitle.

Well, when I see the documentation nowadays, I feel a little cringy, cause it is made a “little dramatic” but it is totally worth it and it changed our lives to the better, that’s for sure!

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