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GaiAma - We are wildlife

We are happy that you are interested to be a part of GaiAma
There is various possibilities

1.A one time or monthly tiny or proper amount of the energy exchange numbers you play with every day (money) will create and keep freakin' amazon wildlife and world heritage alife! YOU have this power and we just urge you to realize. Let's make a green future happen..imagine HOW badass we all gonna feel if we rock this! 1 dollar is saving 10 squaremeters of Rainforest already. donate.gaiama.org
2.Connect with us in social media and share our mission to rise awareness of conservation topics. You can support us with a one time donation or a smaller monthly donation for our work of protecting the lungs of the world. On Facebook and our Blog we say thank you donations, sharing and curiosity in the form of pictures, inspirtions and videos. Check it out!

Get an idea what managing our young organization looks like

We want to share with you how we invest the money donated to GaiAma and donations of our private blogs.

From donations we are primarily purchasing land and buffer zone

The second most important thing is to pay paperwork, lawyers, notaries, travel costs to the city and the state for migration and taxes.

We are buying seedlings and tools to work and prepare the area

Our internet connection is our window inte the world. We are thankful for every donation, so we can keep the project running.

Until the gardens are completely full and lush, we are buying food to fuel ourselves.

Thanks to all our supporters

Petra Pfrommer
Julian Mende
Alexandra Skoda
Stefania Cesari
Leoni Tischer
Sabrina Görgen
Stephan Schwarzmüller
Kathrin Anni Husemann
Handan Karadag
Ramona Sperber
Anke Strube
Daniel Bachmann
Ivonne Kraus
Theodor Goldenstein
Amy Lang
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Our work and free service

Most of all, every tree over here is generating oxygen and storing carbon ;D You are more or less breathing 740kg oxygen per year, wich equals about eight big trees generating it for you. Depending on your life style, you will also need a lot of trees to store the carbon dioxide. We love to plant, nurse and protect those airmakers.
Seriously, we consider our work to be important for a future with nature in it and our way of research, of living harmoniously with the rainforest or forest in general has a great potential to stop deforestation at various places around the world.
We are blogging about stuff, that can change your life if you want to. We are writing about profound topics we investigated or live ourselves. We spread the word about what helped us grow so other people can benefit and feel inspired to be the change.

That's awesome!

Our work and organization is non profit and is research in the field of „How can humanity survive and feel good while doing that“. We are very happy about being dependent on donations, because every financial support that is reaching us, comes with a lot of love and tells us „Yeah, awesome job, go on!“. We feel like we are doing our service to the world to ensure a good time for the people in our life and around us, might that be near or far away, now or in the future. Do you think this work is worth to be honored and it is a service to you or other people? Then please help us save the rainforest, pay our next avocado, garden tool or internet bill :) Thank you so much for your time and your support ♡ Hugs and sunshine to your heart from Perú.
Can & Sascha and everyone from GaiAma

How you can support us

**NEW** PayPal services via this button also offer you to donate by credit card WITHOUT having a PayPal account.

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